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emperors of rome + william must hunt

January 4th at 2013 at Madame Claude s a w Emperors of Rome and William Must Hunt. Emperors of Rome, two Brits living in Berlin, are Dom Bouffard (who we had before once solo) and Alli (who played before in The Prodigy and others); melodic guitar and drums between „Spacemen 3 and Velvet Underground“. William Must Hunt, a young man from Estonia, living here also now permanently, we presented before as well; warm acoustic guitar that accompanies his „highway“ folk. Yes, somewhat I couldn‘t keep up to date in the last couple of weeks with announcing the shows here (at least I still managed to find the time on facebook to click the right buttons for invitations) – no rest for the wicked. Since I am lacking also the time to do much reviewing, be assured that the acts were lovely and great as usual. (So was the DJ.) Please, check them out whenever they play again in Berlin (and they do!). If I happened to do a video of the show you will find it at some point on Vimeo. There are photos too, but time was lacking always too much for this, since myspace stopped being useable some years ago… But some day! Next show soon.

nye festival

We had a new years eve festival with some poplars and rocks familiar and favourite bands, I think I forgot to post it here. Thanks to the live acts: strange forces, sunflowerstarfish, stephen paul taylor, itaca, black cat, raving mad carlos, jah of york, william must hunt, electric opera duo, blue stork who had to cancel, shoxxx lounge and her live acts, and the venue Tiefgrund/Zukunft at Ostkreuz for having us.