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full moon fiasco + johannes bügeleisen

poplars and rocks in spring blossom may presents JOHANNES BÜGELEISEN and FULL MOON FIASCO.

in berlin you meet everyone, and even if you don‘t know it, you can be sure you are talking to a musician – and the funnier thing: the nicer people make also the more likeable music. barpeople are musicians anyhow. one of my two, four favourite barman in town was a canadian called Ryan, until I lost sight of him – I met him again last year at a tiny festival in Berlin Mitte and asked him what he did there – it turned out he just had played a show under his new moniker: JOHANNES BÜGELEISEN. Ryan, being artist and musician, merges everything in his über-ego Johannes Bügeleisen: harsh noise, dub, samples, distorted vocals, house, minimal NDW keys, tribal beats. last year I received a box with his self-produced work: four beautifully designed, printed and self-wrapped cds. beside a noise music based concept drama, it contained his two releases from 2011, Tiger Bonus and Mouse Trap, latter with absolute lo-fi radio-compatible music (but no idea what is being played really these days when stopped listening some years ago, but I can only assume it got worse) like Q or Tetanus Scare, the fourth album being his latest so far, Canary Kingdom, released 2012, all on Tar and Feather, opening with Military Hospital, dancy and dark in criticism. humour, brains, and refusal lie close together – and embracing it all at the same time. Johannes Bügeleisen recently works on new material. I recommend to get his albums, you won‘t get bored. even more, don‘t miss his glamorous live performance.
more guitar based in distortion and exploration is FULL MOON FIASCO, a concept one man bedroom band that started out in New Zealand, until it grew a full band, that dissolved after several shows and local fame, for the moment finally by the head having settled in Berlin recently, and quite comfortably so. when I met Will he had just come over with two friends to stay for a bit in Berlin: Thought Creature played then a few, wonderful shows at crazy nights, until the others had to move back for the usual money and visa reasons – Will though came back, started Black Cat, and continues now with Full Moon Fiasco as a solo idea to explore the psychedelic depths of untravelled territory, and as duo in live performance. Full Moon Fiasco’s still last album, Cosmic Palms, was out 2010 on Muzai Records. If you like Jim Morrison and Syd Barrett, you will love Full Moon Fiasco.

friday, may 3rd, madame claude, berlin kreuzberg. bands on between 10pm and 12pm. on decks after Rad Spin Rotate Club. admission donation. celebrate the nights where good people come together!

flyer by sch.

stephen paul taylor + tom ashforth

This month Poplars And Rocks presents at Madame Claude: Stephen Paul Taylor and Tom Ashforth. Stephen Paul Taylor is known for being the second half and keyboard player of the even more known band Trike (a band that won 20.000 dollar and played kind of hundred shows at once in return for it), for being performer in Shakespeare in the Park this summer, for being busker on every Neukölln street, and for being spontaneous live guest in art openings. Now Stephen finally for the first rare time solo on big stage (in terms of small places: „big“), reaching for the stars and world fame. Stephen left his home in Canada temporarily and lives in Berlin.

Tom Ashforth toured Europe with several bands like Antenna and La More extensively. Now he is around solo with his guitar and enjoys being on stage to tell stories about drug trips, retired neonazis and bourgeois hippies. Tom relocated from his native home in England to Köln, Germany.
On decks Rad Spin Rotate Club (Julie) with special guest Will (New Zealand, Thought Creature, Full Moon Fiasco, Black Cat). Visuals by VJ Repin.
This Friday, October 5th, Madame Claude, Kreuzberg, Lübbener Strasse 19. show starts 10pm sharp (midnight is curfew for live music). admission is free donation (that means you are asked to pay as little as one euro) as usual.

flyer by Julie. facebook event at this link. photos of the acts always on up-coming.

Thought Creature, Shoxxx, Human Elephant

this month at poplars and rocks at madame claude: THOUGHT CREATURE. this former three-piece from wellington, new zealand, had recently relocated to berlin, where they got casted right away from the street. or let’s say from in front of a club, where the outside yard was more attracting than the inside bands. big in their home country, they went looking for the challenge into the uncertain and new. now with the experience of a few tiny festivals in never-heard-of areas in germany enriched, and with two secret gigs to warm up the berlin audience, the now two piece will play finally their first big official gig in this town, within the cosy walls of madame claude. having said that the band now consists of two remaining members, and having shifted their initial more indie sound towards a much darker, electronic psychedelic sound, it has to be stressed that a third member is still essential to the band, producing the visual equivalent for the sound. (most friendly already lending her abilities to last month’s acts.) the band’s first full length album Teleport Palace (2008) is available for free download. the ep Total Recall (2011) can be streamed on soundcloud. a new album Ocean Dream is anticipated.
speaking of visual enjoyment, we went a step further to fuse the music with the arts: SHOXXX, artist and animator from hiroshima, japan, will present one of her delighful and charming live animations, in which all materials are being used to make a comic start developing right as you watch the screen, following the sound track. years before, I have noted I had come across shoxxx‘ comic-style art before, when I felt so touched by a little pressed flower: part of the cd cover for No Nebraska’s aloha.
the sound track on decks comes this time from very special guest THE HUMAN ELEPHANT. having been a bit quiter the past few years, john didn‘t get lost in his day jobs, or rather night jobs, but kept, beside other projects in the meantime like rats live on no evil star with bernd jestram from tarwater, working on a album, produced also by former and no one less than dirk dresselhaus aka schneider tm: White Thunder (umor rex records) is out this october! and this has to be celebrated. a wonderful video shot by jan of former the aim of design is to define space is the first visual release. you can listen to the whole album on soundcloud.
joining resident rad spin rotate club will also raving mad carlos. more surprises always to be anticipated!

Friday, October 7th, Madame Claude. Show starts at 10pm sharp. Admission is free donation.