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no more songwriters

Some advertisment that was also supposed to appear here before christmas… Digitalo is a new (net) label, run by Seb, the guy behind Itaca, Sunflowerstarfish, Kamas, Dadajam and so on, that we partly had the honour to have them play with us previously. He asked some friends for a compilation and what came out is absolutely still worth listening to also after christmas… and it’s still for free download. „No more songwriters (Vol. 1)“ on Digitalo, Berlin. Cover art by Julie.

nye festival

We had a new years eve festival with some poplars and rocks familiar and favourite bands, I think I forgot to post it here. Thanks to the live acts: strange forces, sunflowerstarfish, stephen paul taylor, itaca, black cat, raving mad carlos, jah of york, william must hunt, electric opera duo, blue stork who had to cancel, shoxxx lounge and her live acts, and the venue Tiefgrund/Zukunft at Ostkreuz for having us.

sunflowerstarfish + farfour

Poplars and Rocks at Madame Claude is back this July issue with Sunflowerstarfish and Farfour, presenting two new electronic projects in town. Sunflowerstarfish are four guys who have partly been in local acts before, such as Kamas, now exploring a more indie electro sound, based on eighties keyboards and diverse use of drums. Farfour is the new solo project by Sean Barrett, also known from his contribution in The History of Colour TV or his collaboration with Blue Stork (whose first EP release was celebrated tonight). As Farfour he ventures into cosmic travels.

Madame Claude, Friday, July 6th, 10pm first band on. Admission donation. On decks Rad Spin Rotate Club.