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Prince Rama

prince rama last week was an outstanding classy gig and absolutely charming – one that made fun watching (and listening to in the first place of course) after all, a very important thing too for singer taraka (as she admitted, when I referred to pontytail where I had experienced a similar energy which not to the least came from the performers, doing so) – it wasn‘t all too crowded, but the crowd that had the honour to have joined, enjoyed it and it doesn‘t happen often that bands aren‘t left to go but have to give three encores! traditional yogi chants with multi-vocal singing mingle with the excalted voice of taraka, the tribal-festive drumming of nimai, the second girl in the band, and the crazy synth sounds of michael, all combined with new wave and kraut-psych elements (they love amon düül) to remind of the some of the best 80s bands (in one song the drums reminded me on the drumming of the hanging garden by the cure, one of the best drum beats, I find) to bring it a step further. martin petersdorf, the german john peel, labeled their music spontaneously „temple disco“, but with too many temples around these days, that’s not meant as being pejorative, but on the opposite and you‘ll surely hear more of these folks. their new album temple shadow, out on paw track, was not only done with the help of deakin, but they will tour together next year! watch out…

download lightning fossil.

tonight DD/MM/YYYY play at the same place, Marie Antoinette. we will do the decks… come around!

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short suggestion for tonight: three charming bands for the first time in town. expect an evening between yoko ono and wavves… btw, prince rama produced by avey and deakin from animal collective. we are kindly asked to do the decks. starts 9pm, marie antoinette!