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landsberger 54

tonight, this saturday, june 25th, we are involved in supporting a little art venue in berlin, one of those many endangered to close down soon due to new expensive housing projects for the new clients of this town, beside the many many art and music venues who had close down the last couple of months… landsberger allee 54, once the biggest brewery in europe, after the ‚change‘ in 1990 closed down, then empty for many years, now used and revived for some time by artists, musicians and other creative minds, for who to find working space in the city nearly becomes impossible these days, now sold to a new investor and always on the brink of having to close it’s doors for the workers to make space for new lofts. to raise awareness for their destiny the building invites people and friends regularly to parties and open houses. this time some old acquaintances of poplars and rocks will join the underground stage, with such fine names as STRANGE FORCES, ADDITIV, PARK, MACACO MAU, POP CAMPAIGN, EAST BRUNSWICK ALL GIRLS CHOIR, beside some other bands. plus DE LA MONTANA, a total new act, that we had also to book immediately for the next issue at madame claude, although they never had played live before – use your chance as long as you have it; only sometimes it offers itself a second time…

LA54, Landsberger Allee 54, Berlin. party with free donation. bands start around 8pm at several spots. more art, films, screenprint workshops. join and make a change.


tonight last day of chance to see an exhibition we organised at neurotitan gallery with works by neoangin, stereo total, warren suicide, mittekill, richard von der schulenburg, tomas of dd/mm/yyyy, oska, angie reed, dm bob, touchy mob, myself and many many more. party all night at neighbouring eschschloraque. live with oska from chuckamuck, youre only massive, macaco mau and gustaf heden as surprise guest. rad spin on decks at eschschloraque, krysmopompas sound system at the gallery before. more soon or get it here.