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10 years birthday with fritze, d. cooper, jan opoczynski, martin tetzlaff, park

O no! O yeah! We have turned officially ten years! Although inofficially we might be a bit older – but in december 2003 we put on our first bands: four bands in two nights. So we thought for its anniversary we make it four acts in one night, or five – we never counted much in numbers. But ignoring mathematics or not: it’s been a decade! And lots has changed and nothing much. We can say we helped shaping this decade a bit, or tried preventing it from changing too much to the worse, we kept berlin „sexy“ by staying poor and honest and only committed to the things we like, the music, arts, and people, we helped those needing help, we pushed where pushing seemed necessary, we put the focus on stuff that should have been known to a bigger crowd, we met people, we made more people meeting. We made new clubs getting an audience, and got well hosted the last five years at madame claude. There are many more new acts to be discovered, musicians waiting to be asked to play again – and I would love doing it all, but the scene has became bigger, there are more promoters around, networking and booking was never as easy as these days, but if you call it a hobby then it’s still a lot of work to do on ones own. And when it’s best you have to stop. Or take a break and change into something new again, or go back to the total beginning. So we call it a long ten years, but say bye for now and good-bye madame claude!
For the last night I just asked a few musicians from the many I still would have loved see playing there, like jim avignon, jens friebe, schneider tm, all who would have loved playing but couldn‘t make it. But I am glad to present once more a fantastic line up, consisting of older and newer friends and great musicians, all local berlin underground stars, and german by accident: FRITZE aka freedarich, mittekill, die bäume, dj-ed for us, and put on art with us, but never played live for poplars and rocks, so I am glad he still finally made it. Beside his love for techno, he went back to his love for country with die bäume just being his favourite project. but as I was never good a deadlines and urging things, and as I love it stripped down to the bone, it just will be him solo. and since it’s just him solo, it fits perfectly the rest. D. COOPER used to have a band, but decided a long time ago to go his own way. Hence it is usually him solo. Berlin though not being very grateful with what good comes out of her, he joined a project again in vienna and only travels back to sleep. meeting him again by accident last week, he said he wanted to play again, and I surely was the last to say no, so him being back on the boat once more. JAN OPOCZYNSKI I have also known and followed for a while, but also it never happened that he could manage to play, back then with the jan opoczynski orchester nor then with der internationale wettbewerb. but bumping into him on sunday night when only what you call bohemians have a late night, I told him he should play too. for him never ever having played without his backing musicians it’s a premiere – just him solo, and the luckier for us! MARTIN TETZLAFF as one of the first acts we ever presented years ago of course was not allowed to be missing. he happily joins, and does what I like best of him: just him solo, playing guitar and singing. although his biggest love now is being his new band the beauty regime, but for a few songs he has to get over it without them. PARK is park, and it’s hard not to bump into him. and whenever I mention a next show, it’s a why-can‘t-I-play? he played for us before, and dj-ed a few times. park played in a few bands, even had it’s own musicians, but in the end still makes it himself. and he really does busk on the streets. so he had to be part of the last regular small residency night at claude. on the decks will my humble self provide with guests and friends the after-show hang out as had all the years. I still may dj bands no one knows yet or those who have been forgotten, and surely just some nice music, that is music I like from people I like. that is who have earned some more ears.


fb event there.

paper dollhouse + fredrik kinbom

Last 2012 show at madame claude. this month’s host residency sees the return of the wonderful soft and dark PAPER DOLLHOUSE. after having played their debut at claude last year, they come back ripened and fresh with new songs for a single show flown in from london. second on the bill is FREDRIK KINBOM, swedish in origin and just having moved to berlin this week to enchant with rare lap steel guitar tunes.
On decks rad spin rotate club residence with Park guest set. All as usual: MADAME CLAUDE, 10pm, admission free donation.

landsberger 54

tonight, this saturday, june 25th, we are involved in supporting a little art venue in berlin, one of those many endangered to close down soon due to new expensive housing projects for the new clients of this town, beside the many many art and music venues who had close down the last couple of months… landsberger allee 54, once the biggest brewery in europe, after the ‚change‘ in 1990 closed down, then empty for many years, now used and revived for some time by artists, musicians and other creative minds, for who to find working space in the city nearly becomes impossible these days, now sold to a new investor and always on the brink of having to close it’s doors for the workers to make space for new lofts. to raise awareness for their destiny the building invites people and friends regularly to parties and open houses. this time some old acquaintances of poplars and rocks will join the underground stage, with such fine names as STRANGE FORCES, ADDITIV, PARK, MACACO MAU, POP CAMPAIGN, EAST BRUNSWICK ALL GIRLS CHOIR, beside some other bands. plus DE LA MONTANA, a total new act, that we had also to book immediately for the next issue at madame claude, although they never had played live before – use your chance as long as you have it; only sometimes it offers itself a second time…

LA54, Landsberger Allee 54, Berlin. party with free donation. bands start around 8pm at several spots. more art, films, screenprint workshops. join and make a change.