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paper dollhouse + fredrik kinbom

Last 2012 show at madame claude. this month’s host residency sees the return of the wonderful soft and dark PAPER DOLLHOUSE. after having played their debut at claude last year, they come back ripened and fresh with new songs for a single show flown in from london. second on the bill is FREDRIK KINBOM, swedish in origin and just having moved to berlin this week to enchant with rare lap steel guitar tunes.
On decks rad spin rotate club residence with Park guest set. All as usual: MADAME CLAUDE, 10pm, admission free donation.

my pair of shoes, paper dollhouse, whale vs elephant

the ides of march seem slightly out of tune, but we go with music that’s still right: this month at madame claude we bring you once more new and little known acts you should have heard of (and heard): My Pair Of Shoes, the new project by Philipp Bellinger, to some known as running the small but nice Kim bar, but he is also making music for a while. lately he started experimenting with guest singers (and apparently dancers soon, surprise if he will bring some on friday) and backing tracks he is recording on vinyl first and playing them live on stage – Laptop kann jeder! very unique and new approach of bringing back the warmth of analogue sound, I do nothing but support (why have it easy, when you can have it complicated) and an idea I have seen right at the same time only with another musician from Berlin, Tobias Siebert, when playing solo. He himself calls My Pair of Shoes „a dreamfluenced pop melodrama with songs by PHLPP“, others call him a crooner, not afraid of big feelings nor of being one (and why when you can be placed between Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker):

Paper Dollhouse is the project of Astrud Steehouder, who is based in London and if not solo is playing in The Rayographs. she is just coming over this weekend to give her Berlin debut. her self-recorded debut album A Box Painted Black will be out this summer. with calling it „music for scenes in films that haven‘t yet happened…“ she quotes Arthur Russell, Scott Walker, or Delia Derbyshire as inspirations for her dark minimal electronic folk, and hints on the visual side she combines with her live shows.

last but not least we have Whale Vs The Elephant with us, a project started by Tobias Braun and in which he worked with different singers and musicians so far. at the moment the project consists of mainly two contributors: Kyra, originally hailing from New York, is currently the new singer and keyboard player, adding to an indie sound that tries to mix and float between electronic and acoustic music.

more new music on decks: rad spin rotates with My favourite Dj Me and Carlos Oblivion.
MADAME CLAUDE, friday, march 4th, starts even earlier than normal, first band on at 9.30pm. admission free donation. no guest list, just cheap enough for everyone!