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No Nebraska + Apostrophe

Poplars and Rocks proudly presents again after a long while: No Nebraska. The sympatico american-french three-piece that started growing out of hard german soil is still around, special as ever and right now back on tour with Apostrophe, like No Nebraska a conglomerate of different nationalities and members from various bands that found each other in Berlin. The first time we had the honour to stage No Nebraska was in 2007 at the then newly opened Bang Bang Club, this one as so many places in this town long ceased being, band and host are still going, proving the real nature of art and dedication, no less than the art of grave survivalism. Quite typically, fifty percent of the four bands that night officially still roll. A year later, No Nebraska played again, this time at Trickster with Don Vito, for our humble unofficial fifth year of survival that no one knew of. The beautiful tiny, that night over-packed cellar still exists, so do again the fifty percent of the four acts officially that at least I know of. This time the arms are opened to us by another dedicated advocate of his trade that is music and who threw himself into the risk of survivalism and newly opened a moist cellar at Ostkreuz that stands out like a last village within a heavily changing surrounding of a dead plastic and concrete city vision that is the once pretty old train station and which we thus like to celebrate and to support. But so far places are still getting more popular down there as long as they are allowed, and we hope Tiefgrund may outlive the shallowness going on above ground. Or we see him solo at Madame Claude again. We for a moment are lucky to have got out there for a night to live out the love for drums, making a statement for tolerance, where neighbours are not obstructing it yet. No Nebraska, who are Jaime, Chris, and Gildas, consist of drums, guitar and, classically, bass. But that we speak here of a bass clarinet makes it slightly special. But even without pointing out the speciality, No Nebraska’s songs are still unique and lovely, cross-breeding the edgy roughness of Fugazi with the charming playfulness of Deerhoof, drawing a line between post-rock and folk-jazz. The band had some underground releases so far: after Serves: 6 in 2006, Aloha in 2007, after people leaving to different places and leaving Jaime back in Berlin with other side projects, their so far last album Generalisation came out in 2011. Not only are the first two already brilliant examples of the punk-that-meets-humour attitude, developing from „Barack Obama“ and „Zidane“ on Serves to lighter and more complex „Der Amboß“ or „Sanitäter“ on Aloha, embracing with post-punkishness and hardcore jazz the innocence of a children’s seventies tv series, but their CDs also come in beautiful hand-made sleeves, adding vegetarian recipes or dried blossoms. There are a few songs for free download from their latest CD on their homepage, of which we „Norwegen Dir“ love to share with you:

Just sweet. Come and support! An unknown band you maybe should have heard (of) plus another one, pure underground, DIY, and post. „Why should we sing when we can shout, why should we stand when we can dance?“

This friday, march 23rd, 10pm, at Tiefgrund, Laskerstrasse 5, admission between 3 and six euro, bring yourself! On decks Raving Mad Carlos.

The wonderful screenprint poster by our favourite print maker Damien Tran, who also plays in Grand Predateur. The album cover used for the header was made by Shoxxx, as mentioned lately… Check them out!

Thought Creature, Shoxxx, Human Elephant

this month at poplars and rocks at madame claude: THOUGHT CREATURE. this former three-piece from wellington, new zealand, had recently relocated to berlin, where they got casted right away from the street. or let’s say from in front of a club, where the outside yard was more attracting than the inside bands. big in their home country, they went looking for the challenge into the uncertain and new. now with the experience of a few tiny festivals in never-heard-of areas in germany enriched, and with two secret gigs to warm up the berlin audience, the now two piece will play finally their first big official gig in this town, within the cosy walls of madame claude. having said that the band now consists of two remaining members, and having shifted their initial more indie sound towards a much darker, electronic psychedelic sound, it has to be stressed that a third member is still essential to the band, producing the visual equivalent for the sound. (most friendly already lending her abilities to last month’s acts.) the band’s first full length album Teleport Palace (2008) is available for free download. the ep Total Recall (2011) can be streamed on soundcloud. a new album Ocean Dream is anticipated.
speaking of visual enjoyment, we went a step further to fuse the music with the arts: SHOXXX, artist and animator from hiroshima, japan, will present one of her delighful and charming live animations, in which all materials are being used to make a comic start developing right as you watch the screen, following the sound track. years before, I have noted I had come across shoxxx‘ comic-style art before, when I felt so touched by a little pressed flower: part of the cd cover for No Nebraska’s aloha.
the sound track on decks comes this time from very special guest THE HUMAN ELEPHANT. having been a bit quiter the past few years, john didn‘t get lost in his day jobs, or rather night jobs, but kept, beside other projects in the meantime like rats live on no evil star with bernd jestram from tarwater, working on a album, produced also by former and no one less than dirk dresselhaus aka schneider tm: White Thunder (umor rex records) is out this october! and this has to be celebrated. a wonderful video shot by jan of former the aim of design is to define space is the first visual release. you can listen to the whole album on soundcloud.
joining resident rad spin rotate club will also raving mad carlos. more surprises always to be anticipated!

Friday, October 7th, Madame Claude. Show starts at 10pm sharp. Admission is free donation.