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essay edwards

despite being on a summer break with the monthly madame claude shows, there will be special one off: you know when you hang around as a local, with no money but for the späti, everyone is away except the ones with no money or no idea how you book a holiday, so to say the real artists, for whom art was no choice, but no other way avaible, but the town is full of people from all over the world, as if it would not be so the whole year through, only it maybe becoming more obvious with the locals away, and they take photos from a distance of how cool you people look with your take away beer in those picturesque urban landscapes of refurbished and new buildings, or they even dare approach you, as everything is so nice and friendly here, and they ask you how to get to... and you kind as expected say: hey, you look like a musician, don't you want to play? so, or not so, or similar it happened in this case. poplars and rocks presents: ESSAY EDWARDS. Essay, originally from Melbourne, stayed a few months in berlin to support Roller One at their shows (whenever we presented them, they had been a formidable two-piece) as a drummer, played one off gigs with compatriot musicians at percussion, and jammed with new bands – but you could tell, like many drummers, Essay is also a very profound singer and songwriter. he had been writing songs for years, used to play back in Melbourne, and then concentrated more on the writing than the release. on request he put a few songs online, and will play this special gig for us. though I asked him out of the blue, he didn‘t disappoint yet: his music lies between classic singer songwriterdom and opulent pop. his sampler Oh Dear assembles various styles that concur in the honesty of the tune. whereas Forthright starts dangling, it kicks in with surprise with the chorus, that’s wants to go off but is slowed down by the beats, and leaves insatiated and begging for more. Hit & Miss is strangely touching by the voice as such, and thus the honesty behind the lyrics -the word love has hardly ever been expressed with more shyness, or doubt, being taken turns by the latent anger. Oh Head First comes across dark and cool, and with a chorus riff that can compete with those famous metal or former punk noise bands from Australia, and refers to one of the unavoidable musical influences. And I bet there could be named a few, but being bad with it myself, to me the music of Essay Edwards is something that could have been written by a young Thom York when he would have had more of Robin Gibb. makes sense? check out yourselves when you hang about lonesome in the city, and you wonder why the beauty and easy charm of summer was invented at all, except for making the sun come up earlier to light your way home.

on decks a special rad spin rotate club issue: minotaur contemporary happened to come into existence when drunk late at night and the idea to take over prenzlauer berg again for people who think there is no one left from ten years ago, and prove it wrong, but have more friends around again in one of the nicer hang out spots in the area. after the june inauguration minotaur is back on demand! featuring Chrigel Farner, originally from Zürich, illustrator, musician, and former drummer for bands such as NM Farner, Knarf Rellöm, or Human Elephant.

JULY 25th, 9pm sharp! at ten the neighbours will complain. decks after as long as it goes: Neu!bar, greifswalder strasse, prenzlauer berg, between heinrich-roller-strasse and immanuelkirchstrasse. free admission, but you can donate to the musician.

Ned Colette + Susanna Berivan

This wonderful month of May Poplars and Rocks brings to you: NED COLLETTE and SUSANNA BERIVAN.
Ned Collette, originally from Melbourne, Australia, is Berlin resident now for already two years. He came with the intention to find a space where the weather can be equally depressing, but where it would be perfect to hide from the fame he had gained in his homeland: Like Bowie Ned called his new home Schöneberg. Though he had been to Europe before when he supported Joanna Newsom on tour for instance or Bill Callahan, it seems that the recent two years have not heard so much of Ned Collette. But excluded from the shallow outside world and its pressure and demands, he wrote many more beautiful, dancy, sad and warm songs: after two solo albums, „Jokes & Trials“ (2006) and „Future Suture“ (2007), and with his band Wirewalker „Under the stones, over the stars“ (2009), his brand new and latest album „2″, recorded and mixed between Berlin and Melbourne, will be out on May 11th (Remote Control Records, Dot Dash Records) – reason enough to have him finally play live (after begging him for a year), before he will leave to tour the fifth continent with – surprise – Mary Ocher, another singer songwriter from Berlin, been with us a few times, supporting him! His latest single „Long you lie/ The hedonist“ (Escobar Records) came out October 2011 and you can purchase and listen to it here, or wait for the album: While „long you lie“ becomes quickly a surprisingly hip-shaking ear worm with some 80’s electronic-harmonic reference, „The hedonist“ is classical singer songwriter story-telling at its best, with a highly catchy riff as well. It seems that the fog of sadness has lifted from Ned’s voice a bit while being in Berlin, despite all. „Happy heart“ also from the new album here for FREE DOWNLOAD:

Last year Ned started a residency night in a small bar in Neukölln. There he also teamed up before with Susanna Berivan, so that it wasn‘t hard to convince both to play together (which they also did very recently with Ned’s new band project Crying Room). Susanna Berivan is one of the few local born and bred Berlin girls, but they do exist (one writing here) and on her way to become a very prolific singer songwriter. She started some years ago to play solo all around town, in dark bars and neon-lit underground stations, but also always kept some side projects and is member of several bands. As it is always harder to be from Berlin in Berlin and easier to be from Portland, she struggled a long time already, played a lot, and gets now slowly the attention she deserves. Susanna doesn‘t like to define her style, but thinks you better go and listen, and I couldn‘t agree more: you surely won‘t be disappointed by her joy of singing and making sounds with the mouth, her classical yet playful approach towards weird folk and rough blues and a spoonful of soul. Lots to listen and several free downloads here.

Friday, May 4th 2012, Madame Claude, Kreuzberg. Start 10pm sharp. Admission donation of how much you like. On decks Rad Spin Rotate Club with Julie (Berlin) and Raving Mad Carlos (Buenos Aires).

Tonia Reeh + Justine Electra

This month Poplars and Rocks brings to Madame Claude high-class in miniature environment: Tonia Reeh and Justine Electra as live package – two extraordinary women solo on piano.

Tonia Reeh is not even known to her local Berlin audience that much under her own name yet: more known Tonia Reeh became under her alter ego Monotekktoni, under which she had been around for years in the underground. But her „electronic ego“ had to share also with her „indie ego“: bands Tonia was guitar player in and singer include Das Zuckende Vakuum, that later evolved into Masonne, beside the other punk indie outfit Jagoda. After having toured and played with these bands and projects extensively in small clubs for a decade, Tonia’s life changed with getting kids and realising that she had another part of herself neglected for too long: The „acoustic ego“, the solo, intrumentally reduced and emotionally condensed song on piano. It makes herself wonder that she brought so late the attention to it, as Tonia Reeh is a classically trained piano player, which is rare in the pop world and which she better forgot when dedicating herself to punk. Or electronics. As Monotekktoni the singer and performer acts solo too: a small woman standing in the middle of a big stage behind an even bigger table of pedals and effects, and a sound big enough to suggest a studio full of producers and a wall to fill the largest club rather than a subversive cellar. When I saw Monotekktoni live the first time some years ago I thought hadn‘t she been german and come out at a time where credibility still meant never to sell oneself to the dumb masses, Monotekktoni surely would have made her way up and be counted next to the big names of internationally adopted children of this city such as Peaches or Planningtorock. But Berlin was always ignorant to its own offspring. Now Tonia Reeh got tired of the over-orchestrated noise and rid of her shyness to play stripped down to only voice and keys. All the intensity of feeling lies naked between near silence and the next tormented outburst. After her last records as Monotekktoni (all out on Sinnbus records) her first album as Tonia Reeh has just been released a few months ago: „Boykiller“. Out on Clouds Hill records, a Hamburg label, run beside others by Chris von Rautenkranz (producer of Die Sterne, Blumfeld) and Thies Mynther (Stella, Phantom/Ghost). A strong woman’s album that not vainly aims at taking a pretentious pose as a vamp, but one that tells through up and downs how it is to kill the boy inside every woman, and to finally surrender, peaceful and yet still uncomfortable. „Freak out, come down“: The single „Boykiller“ is a masterpiece of a song, a delight of skilled craft and rough, unadorned vulnerability, that doesn‘t leave the eccentricity far behind. Tonia Reeh should easily be named in one line with Amanda Palmer or Tori Amos if you want. She makes it into several categories. And should get the attention she deserves.

Justine Electra is also none to be nailed down to one personality and successively one musical direction. Justine Electra belongs to the vast army of adopted children of this town, without who the town would not be the same. Originally from Melbourne, Justine lives for years in Berlin, deviding her time between house-techno DJ (recently also as „DJ Save the Animals“) and singer songwriter who combines folk-romanticism with R‘n'B. In 2006 she released her first album „Soft Rock“ on City Slang (now home of Norman Palm beside many others), which had with „Fancy Robots“ a single out that might still count as her biggest hit so far, musically settled somewhere between KD Lang or Feist. Justine Electra worked with Tarwater, Schneider TM and sang on Jens Friebe’s last album, nonetheless she has a big oeuvre consisting of plenty of playful electronica of which most is officially unreleased (but to be listened to on soundcloud for instance). She recently started playing live again with a full band, her next single is long awaited for the end of this month, out now on her new home Haute Areal (that houses already Mary Ocher or Doctorella). This time, solo on piano with maybe some backing tracks – expect the experiment, and maybe some of her new material too.

Come down and support two fantastic female artists who are worth your whole ear and full attention, and of who much more is going to be expected in the near future – for a donating euro: we like to give the chance to everyone! This friday, March 2nd, 9pm, at Madame Claude, Lübbener Strasse 19, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

On decks Rad Spin Rotate Club, for more girls as DJs.

roller one and east brunswick all girls choir

poplars and rocks pesents this month two australian acts: ROLLER ONE are from melbourne and for the first time on a european tour – they take it slow and play a few gigs in berlin, but only one in kreuzberg. and only one with EAST BRUNSWICK ALL GIRLS CHOIR, who we thought could well join the bill and support some people from their home town before they leave berlin again where they settled for little while. to be precise, two of them lived here who will form the line up of the two piece of a normally full grown quartet. being both from the same continent and both around as two in number is also where the similarity ends. maybe both are a bit known in from where they stem, but never heard of here – sounds familiar? this is what we are going to change. ROLLER ONE consist of two members of silver city highway and have just released their debut album Motorsports on torn and frayed. EBAGC have a 7 track album out called Dead Air on self release. where EBAGC celebrates desperate emotion, RO looks down at these, sunken but not burried…

MADAME CLAUDE, friday, may 6th. please be there on time, bands start at 10pm. admission is donation.