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Moon Wheel, Blue Stork, mACACO mAU & A-Zink

We pretend it’s a year like every other and continue inviting your favourite new acts and our favourite forgotten geniuses to Madame Claude. This January Poplars and Rocks presents:

MOON WHEEL is swedish-born, australian ex-inhabitant, berlin-resident Olle, whose music is a spaced-out, trippy venture into moog-smoked tribal preserves of the dark side of the moon. Somewhere between Moon Dog and Creedence Clearwater Revival he lets his spaceship land. If he is not doing so, you find him making art. Listen here to Moon Wheel on Soundcloud.

BLUE STORK is old Billy, the kid, as his hoodies call him in Neukölln. We had the honour of presenting him before, when his band name was longer and his oeuvre smaller. Now as time goes by, it tends to turn these things around and BLUE STORK comes along with new, more elaborate sounds that are still rooted between heavy drone noise and soft shoe-gaze. Billy might have finished school in the meantime, as his latest Afterschool EP is suggesting, his new home he found at any rate already in a small label, Holy Page. Listen here to Blue Stork’s latest and first full length album Hss Mks M Hpp, that is also for free DOWNLOAD.

Third at the night of the three holy kings is another old aquaintance: danish escapist mACACO mAU, aka Brian, shares with the other two an undecided and both-embracing life between art and music; as passionately and wild his paintings, so are his sound worlds, brushed with shreddered noise and heavy beats. He will be joined that night by spanish fellow brother in mind A-Zink. Listen here to mACACO mAU’s latest album Alaqia, also for FREE download.


On decks less evocative and more accessible tunes stretched over a vortex between psychedelic punk and art disco which is Rad Spin Rotate Club.

Friday, January 6th 2012, Madame Claude, Lübbener Straße, Kreuzberg. The live show starts 9.30 sharp. Admission is as usual your free decision.

event on facebook. Drawing by Olle. PS: Guest DJ: Martin Tetzlaff. Visuals by resident Lady Lazerlight.

landsberger 54

tonight, this saturday, june 25th, we are involved in supporting a little art venue in berlin, one of those many endangered to close down soon due to new expensive housing projects for the new clients of this town, beside the many many art and music venues who had close down the last couple of months… landsberger allee 54, once the biggest brewery in europe, after the ‚change‘ in 1990 closed down, then empty for many years, now used and revived for some time by artists, musicians and other creative minds, for who to find working space in the city nearly becomes impossible these days, now sold to a new investor and always on the brink of having to close it’s doors for the workers to make space for new lofts. to raise awareness for their destiny the building invites people and friends regularly to parties and open houses. this time some old acquaintances of poplars and rocks will join the underground stage, with such fine names as STRANGE FORCES, ADDITIV, PARK, MACACO MAU, POP CAMPAIGN, EAST BRUNSWICK ALL GIRLS CHOIR, beside some other bands. plus DE LA MONTANA, a total new act, that we had also to book immediately for the next issue at madame claude, although they never had played live before – use your chance as long as you have it; only sometimes it offers itself a second time…

LA54, Landsberger Allee 54, Berlin. party with free donation. bands start around 8pm at several spots. more art, films, screenprint workshops. join and make a change.

macaco mau vs the history of colour tv

tonight we bring you the weird experimental electro project of brian von kuba: macaco mau. brian is artist and painter and has sometimes bands play at his studio in a huge brewery in neukölln, where I saw him once improvising and once properly on stage (they set up between the easles) with a drummer. tonight, as we are not allowed any drums at madame claude, he will be solo with effects and heavy beats. tonight we will also bring you another kind of noise, interwoven with elements of sentimental shoegaze pop: the history of colour tv. they stem from the uk and the us and have just found together in this outfit. last night they played their first ever gig, so tonight we are only second! (but on monday I had to go for third sound as big CAVE fans.) the us branch we know a long time: sean had dj-ed for us years ago in the backroom of a cellarspace of an half legal underground club – it couldn‘t have been more underground… a few years later I met him again one night at madame claude, where he told me about his new project, whose name I didn‘t catch. then I met him again much later at the beforementioned brewery where he was meant to play had not the show been cancelled for security reasons or whatever… finally trying to put on karen tate, he told me recently about his new project, which is the one you‘ll get tonight, thoctv! from what I have heard it’s heavy drone noise with absolutely listenable nice melodies… tonight at madame claude, starts on time at 10pm, admission one euro, or more if you can spend. after the bands good tunes from the records! rad spin rotate club time. come along!

get over the beginning and you will be rewarded, or vice versa: colour tv