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programmed for pleasure + nanu nanu

Poplars and Rocks is back from a summer break at Madame Claude! Back with Programmed for Pleasure and Nanu Nanu.
Programmed for Pleasure is the musical project of Carvin Wetlands. It began around 2003 in Los Angeles. After performing several shows and releasing an EP, the band dissolved and transformed with the head and singer moving to Europe. Meanwhile in Berlin, Programmed for Pleasure is still there with new material and members. Latest new member is Colm Rutledge, guitarist in several bands, such as Humanzi, and his own project Suzie’s Ashes, with which he is going to release his debut album very soon. Programmed for Pleasure’s last EP, City of Witches, was released 2012. Their music roots between Can, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Sisters of Mercy. Programmed for Pleasure took its name from a movie in which a robot is created by man, who ends up controlling it’s creator. Beware.

Nanu Nanu are an electro pop duo from Dublin, Ireland, calling themselves what they do „alien pop“. They started off around 2010, and, after massive touring in UK and Ireland, have this year released their debut album, Unit 1, on independent label Flaming June records. It’s their first gig in Berlin.

6th September 2013, 9pm, Madame Claude, Lübbener Strasse 19, Berlin. Admission is free donation, bands are on at 10pm sharp! On decks Rad Spin Rotate Club.


My favourite gig maybe this year came very early in the year, on the 16th of january to be precise, when we had the honour to present together with battiston82 the first Berlin gig of GARY WAR at West Germany. And although all of the over twenty gigs we did this year were great of course, and I had to cover the door partly too, when Gary War played, I still favour it – also due to the wonderful strange two albums that Gary War had released so far, and from which some songs had landed on my public play list before, but then accompanied me for the rest of another otherwise crap year, on bike, on the street, or at home to lit it up: the first album „New Raytheonport“ was released 2008 on SHDWPLY, self-recorded and performed by Greg (his real name he tried to keep secret in the beginning, but stopped succeeding with growing popularity now), the man behind Gary War, who also did the art work himself. Only for mastering he asked Ariel Pink to join him: Greg was long time member of Ariel Pink, from LA times, alongside John Maus. (A line-up I would die for to have seen, as the current Ariel Pink does not kick me that much, and I acknowledge him a talent for attracting great minds, but then also looses them too. One song actually was written with Cole M.G.N., the last Ariel Pink guitarist, still on tour with him last year, but not anymore this year. Some still are blown though by current Ariel Pink, like Deakin from Animal Collective this week admitted.) There are some videos where they all perform together on stage in 2005, the same year they toured europe, with their Übervater R. Stevie Moore in New York (who by the way now will also play soon with Philip Seymour Hoffman, a young act from Brooklyn, whom we gave the chance to have his european live debut this summer). Gary War though waited a few years longer and stepped much later forward with being his own band. In 2009 his second album followed very quickly: „Horribles Parade“, released on Sacred Bones. Besides this he formed together with Mike Sniper, also known as Blank Dogs (they played a fantastic gig lately in Berlin at Bang Bang Club, and not as attended, as it should have been, taken it was their first and long awaited performance) and „famous“ for running the Captured Tracks label (wild nothing, beach fossils), the project Roman Soldiers (not sure if it still exists), he played with Sore Eros, and he worked with Velvet Davenport, releasing a single this year with him and Pink on vocals. He released one ep and three singles, the lastest having been „Reality Protest“, which he had brought with him in january. (it is also available in Berlin at the best record store there is: bis auf’s Messer.) A new album is going to be released soon, on which he had worked this summer, so he told me. two days ago his newest ep came out: „Police Water“. A re-issue of „New Raytheonport“ will be done on Sacred Bones. Greg had also promised to come back this year and so he did! I am very excited to play some maybe weird eighties german records and see the band (this time as full, four-piece line-up, and not as reduced three-piece like last winter) alongside, and only for this show, some other old acquaintances, who started to like europe so much, that they can’t stop touring anymore: Lazer Crystal, which I have mentioned before though. So, please, don’t miss your maybe next favourite band: Gary War tonight in Berlin at Marie Antoinette! booked by the place, formerly known as battiston82, who thought to better have their own bigger space… saying that, more next. and btw, John Maus promised two weeks ago a new album to come out still this year too.
and maybe also another thing for you, people: Greg would love to give all his recordings away for free, but he says he cannot, as the labels have to live from something. „New Raytheonport“ though is still available for free and legal download from the best thing there is in the world of sharing recorded music: the free music archive. and stereogum, nasty as they are, offer „Born of Light“ from the current „Police Water“. enjoy!

with unintended bad sound

the BRAND new video

with sore eros

r. stevie moore