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very, very proudly presenting BOBBY CONN tomorrow in berlin! more precisely: the re-issue of bobby conn’s 1998’s album „RISE UP“ re-released by fire records this year, who sent bobby on tour alongside with it, with his kids in the van, his long time partner monica boubou still on his side, and a full backing band, called the burglars, and including as illustrous people as josh johannpeter on drums, who spend more time the last two years touring with mahjongg and lazer crystal, on the back seat – it couldn‘t possibly promise to become a better evening. beside the album being performed live (and I guess only the best songs, or let’s say the ones I call hits, such as Rise Up, United Nations, Passover, Baby Man, White Bread…), Bobby Conn will also introduce some new material, he has been working on recently with the burglars. (his last album „king for a day“ came out on thrill jockey in 2007.) fire records decided to re-release „rise up“, as they consider it a master piece that did not get the attention at its time – a concept album on the dawn of armageddon, full of cynism, beauty, anger, sweet strings, seventies glam disco, funk, sixties free jazz, uproar, all that settled somewhere between bowie, roxy music, the divine comedy and prince: a sexy polit-disco that wants you to scream out: „united under satan… rise up!“ meanwhile bobby conn has admitted some distance to him being the anti-christ, the track suit is in the laundry, but the music after all stands for itself – check it out and don‘t miss, the first live appearance in a long while: BOBBY CONN, 24th NOVEMBER AT BANG BANG CLUB. starts early! and it will probably be our last gig at the place as well, as sadly enough, it got sold lately and will not stay the live venue as we knew it and which we tried so hard in the beginning to get you people there – so, come down a last time! (and besides this too, poplars and rocks is being seven years old now, which might not sound long, but feels like it.) we give away 2×2 tickets, write to want@poplars-and-rocks.de

death sentence: panda!

another band I missed tonight was DEATH SENTENCE: PANDA! from san francisco (upset the rhythm!). one of those bands that didn‘t make it into this blog yet, although they surely should have a long time ago: we presented ds:p! a year and a bit ago at bang bang club. dull summer in the city, but the three piece heated it really up and blew the rest of tiredness out of your ears: crazy flute and clarinet driven noise excellenza with a charming front screamer. (latter playing also in the fabulous T.I.T.S.) here some past year’s impressions…

wild nothing

if I wouldn‘t have stayed in tonight, I surely would have gone to see Wild Nothing again. (they played tonight at marie antoinette with jeremy jay, k records.) the band signed with captured tracks gave their berlin debut a few weeks ago at bang bang club. nice songs with a sting of sadness.