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It’s hard these days to have the peace of mind and tranquility to listen to music. But then why be distracted by the fact that the world hasn‘t seen as many violent conflicts as we have right now since the end of WWII. From time to time you have to take your time and a time out. In 2009 I was surely still roaming the internet to look for what could be played in public! Music mags? Na, never. Blogs? No. TV? What’s that? Internet pages by accident? Perfect! So I came across this site called better propaganda, thinking better and propaganda sounds like my type. Unfortunately then – you are confronted with the all-too-much of our present days – too much music for instance; if ten years ago most people were in bands, then today everone is, which wouldn‘t be a problem yet, on the contrary, one of the great things of our current society and its proof of progression that links back to the days of our greatgrandparents when everyone did music too, but the problem being everyone can (and thinks he has to) spread everything he does to everyone, which also in many aspects rather counts to the blessings, as long as you can choose and still find your stuff between all the rubbish, which in the end then is only the curse for the industry who wishes you wouldn‘t find anything anymore at all, but theirs. So, to cut a short thought even shorter, how do you pick music if it’s not by your friend and also otherwise you have never heard of it? Listening to everything? Impossible in reference to the literally uncountable amount and impossible in reference to not ruining your brain with too much bad stuff. So, yes, it might be possible, although it has nothing to do with the music, that unfortunately image and name might have some impact, as little as your name and your looks might have to do with your personality. Still where do you keep hanging? In that case I was going alphabetically through the collection and stumbled across Oberhofer. Not very original, a german surname, and yet such a funny one, and even more funny that (awkwardly enough) it rang a bell, as something with Oberhofer in the title was until twenty years ago used to propagate the worst kind of music called Volksmusikschlager, this kind of apparent traditional, yet new tunes that make some people in the US for instance still think Germany is Bavaria and it never changed, and that was above all in East Germany. But luckily, people might get reborn, but they change. The way via the vast sceneries of the western shores of North America can be of help. I thought „wow“ when I finally clicked on his demos. There was something fresh and quite his own, unstrained and talented. When I put on „I could go“ or „Away from you“ I remember the question (and how rarely does this happen) was put: Is this Animal Collective? I found the similarity not really given, but it was obvious that Oberhofer like others at the same time and age, who, sometimes after evidently early socialization with hip hop, were the first who got the fruits of the success of Animal Collective early enough to be influenced in their approach, in a sense of a broader liberty towards experimental structure and sound without abondoning the audibility (And I remember mentioning in humble respect this to AC, when getting back an expression of bewilderment, like: „We aren‘t that old, are we?“ Never mind, time flows by quick these days.); there is more pop in Oberhofer. So much more that he kind of quickly meanwhile got discovered by the mainstream industries and plays tonight his first (I think) Berlin show, and too much for me to having to go hearing songs about the problems of a male twenty-one year old and see the according audience, if there should be any ever in the first place; not to annoy the artist, but not to diminish the pleasure of the listener either. Surely, there is more to be expected from this guy and hopefully he won‘t get spoiled too soon, so I wait until he plays a more underground place and not a british music mag night. I asked him over back then, but that might have never got him out of the subculture angle. In 2009 Oberhofer was still sending out his first EP with handmade covers to whoever wanted it from his hundred myspace friends. When I asked why I haven‘t received any, he told me his house in Tacoma had just burned down and he couldn‘t retrace the songs not to mention make any sleeves… the story of my life. Brad then moved to New York and became famous. His debut album „Time Capsules II“ (Glassnote) will be out March, April depending on the time zone you are in, produced by someone big, as they say, who did other big bands before, if they say so. You have to follow the rest of his story yourself, there are more, more or less talented people who need better propaganda, and I should take the time again and look through the net, as long as they still allow us to…

Here is from the up-coming album: „Heart“, playful and young as ever, more bombastic and more Avey Tare than before – lovely. For free download:

prince rama, katrina stonehart, baby birds dont drink milk

short suggestion for tonight: three charming bands for the first time in town. expect an evening between yoko ono and wavves… btw, prince rama produced by avey and deakin from animal collective. we are kindly asked to do the decks. starts 9pm, marie antoinette!