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felix wickman + susanna berivan

leaves are falling, time to sit back and let go, to a cosy autumn soundtrack. november moves in with felix wickman and susanna berivan.
felix wickman is a swedish singer songwriter from stockholm. his music balances between acoustic and electronic, where a deep underlying electronic beat seems like forcing the soft, gentle intruments on top into a sphere of ambiguity about where the song is taking you; fragile voice mixes with dancy rythms. his first record „dry hands“ was released 2009, followed by „whatever her sins“ 2011. last year the two track album „mrs burke“ was released.

felix was recommended by susanna berivan who will open up the night. she has been with us before and provided a splendid show with her soul, rythm and true blues. always playing a lot, solo or with band, it’s never too much having her a second time around. susanna berivan will have her first full length album out soon, which is already recorded waiting for the final master. so will be a video. stay tuned and watch her come out with more soon!

november 1st, 10pm, madame claude. admission donation. on decks rad spin rotate club, our very selves.

isolation berlin + behindertentransport

poplars and rocks presents this october: ISOLATION BERLIN and BEHINDERTENTRANSPORT, new and older local grandeur.
Isolation Berlin only started off with their first live shows last year or so. First time I encountered them was a bit about a year ago at the debut show of the Anna Thompsons, who quickly made it within a few months up to stages as big as Festsaal Kreuzberg, whereas Isolation still kept their shows down at the punk cellars to navigate around to where to develop their sound into. mature, interesting lyrics in the tradition of german young big city punk worldweariness presented in according bitter yet confident manner, the music itself fluctuates between garage, neue deutsche welle, and chansonesque pop, wild guitars alternate with hymnic melodies, recalling diverse punk varieties of bands from Wire to Ton Steine Scherben. A direct homage was made to Brausep├Âter, one of those many great 1980 bands who quit first in 1982 when punk in germany made it to become too commercial – they covered a song and shared live a stage. Now Isolation Berlin, based around Tobi and Max, born Berliners, are recording their debut album. Producing is Timothy LaLonde, known from helping out at the door at poplars and rocks‘ nights and as former head of the band The Michelles. The album will be due around november. Normally a four piece, Isolation Berlin will perform a special stripped down acoustic set at Madame Claude. Expect more to hear from them in future.

Behindertentransport is a band I thought poplars and rocks presented a long time ago, but I am not sure if it happened under this precise shape, when line up and name changed in the beginning, when the idea was just making music with friends, weird music that is, that was to combine all the different backgrounds and ages of its members, ranging from Blumfeld and modern philosophy to Techno. Brain behind the outfit is Ricki, a true bohemian, whose life is just doing nothing, if not making a bit music or painting, if someone asks him to. Expect the unexpected, the total refusal of fame and success, but musically everything from noise to schlager. And a lot of fun in the disguise of sarcasm and true love of the imperfect.

On decks rad spin rotate club, the usual one writing this, and new friends and tunes.
Madame Claude, october 4th, 9pm, admission free donation!

fb event there.