jim avignon

when it comes to free download recommendations I also thought to let you know about this one. it’s the latest album by local hero artist and musician jim avignon, who is consequently following his own paths and in this shaping berlin since the late nineties. ironically he had tried to escape to new york recently being bored with the changes to the worse in this town, but they didn‘t want him… we still do. (we had him never perform within poplars and rocks, but he was part of an exhibition that was largely poplars and rocks grown two years ago.) jim plays now on and off more in berlin, and his performance and songs still bear the berlin nineties spirit, the non-conformity as well as the melancholy, and still charme and stand out in its lo-fi individuality yet being mainstream pop – that never made it to the masses. „unpaid work“, the soundtrack for all those that sit in the nights (is it really 3am again?) and dedicate their spare time to work that is born out of other ideas than money… enjoy!