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aiello + ilo rive

poplars and rocks presents february 1st at madame claude: aiello and ilo rive.

AIELLO is a young canadian, who was thrown on the shores of the river spree some years ago. he just finished his latest full-length album: later’s baby! in march follows a tour for the album – alongside no one less than sean nicholas savage (my personal discovery last year and who we nearly presented at madame claude, hadn‘t he played a different night.)… record release show!

ILO RIVE is a paris born musician, singer songwriter, and actor, who grew up largely in the states, and spend his life travelling between paris, london, and new york, where he spearheaded the band Die Romantik, when after break up he only logically had to make his way to germany to settle finally in berlin. after entertaining bridges all over the world with his guitar and stories he collected on both sides of the atlantic, he meanwhile joined one of the newer circles of singer songwriters in town, partly even organising his own nights with bands and friends that makes him welcome also as a colleague… his first ep „one two, for you“ was released two years ago; the new is waiting to be mixed and will be out soon this year.

1st february 2013, madame claude, lübbener strasse 19, berlin. doors 9pm, start 10pm, dj on at midnight, on decks ourselves as rad spin rotate club, admission is donation.

flyer by j. photos of acts on up-coming (or past shows then). facebook event via our page there.

jim avignon

when it comes to free download recommendations I also thought to let you know about this one. it’s the latest album by local hero artist and musician jim avignon, who is consequently following his own paths and in this shaping berlin since the late nineties. ironically he had tried to escape to new york recently being bored with the changes to the worse in this town, but they didn‘t want him… we still do. (we had him never perform within poplars and rocks, but he was part of an exhibition that was largely poplars and rocks grown two years ago.) jim plays now on and off more in berlin, and his performance and songs still bear the berlin nineties spirit, the non-conformity as well as the melancholy, and still charme and stand out in its lo-fi individuality yet being mainstream pop – that never made it to the masses. „unpaid work“, the soundtrack for all those that sit in the nights (is it really 3am again?) and dedicate their spare time to work that is born out of other ideas than money… enjoy!

no more songwriters

Some advertisment that was also supposed to appear here before christmas… Digitalo is a new (net) label, run by Seb, the guy behind Itaca, Sunflowerstarfish, Kamas, Dadajam and so on, that we partly had the honour to have them play with us previously. He asked some friends for a compilation and what came out is absolutely still worth listening to also after christmas… and it’s still for free download. „No more songwriters (Vol. 1)“ on Digitalo, Berlin. Cover art by Julie.

emperors of rome + william must hunt

January 4th at 2013 at Madame Claude s a w Emperors of Rome and William Must Hunt. Emperors of Rome, two Brits living in Berlin, are Dom Bouffard (who we had before once solo) and Alli (who played before in The Prodigy and others); melodic guitar and drums between „Spacemen 3 and Velvet Underground“. William Must Hunt, a young man from Estonia, living here also now permanently, we presented before as well; warm acoustic guitar that accompanies his „highway“ folk. Yes, somewhat I couldn‘t keep up to date in the last couple of weeks with announcing the shows here (at least I still managed to find the time on facebook to click the right buttons for invitations) – no rest for the wicked. Since I am lacking also the time to do much reviewing, be assured that the acts were lovely and great as usual. (So was the DJ.) Please, check them out whenever they play again in Berlin (and they do!). If I happened to do a video of the show you will find it at some point on Vimeo. There are photos too, but time was lacking always too much for this, since myspace stopped being useable some years ago… But some day! Next show soon.

future art

If you missed the nye eve party where we also had some art, you can still go to the venue (to see a gig or movie) until february 13th 2013 and see the exhibition of paintings by juliane vonna schönhauser and jen repin. open every day from 5pm, zukunft/tiefgrund, laskerstrasse 5, ostkreuz, berlin. thanks to roller one for playing at the opening night on december 28th 2012. finissage on february 13th.