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Idklang + Normal Echo

Poplars and Rocks presents Idklang and Normal Echo. Since the editor went on inner exile, we quote here happily the DIY press infos: „Idklang (formerly known as Id) is the solo set of guitarist, singer and producer Markus Steinkellner (Cameran, Jakuzi’s Attempt, Artists In Revolt, FA TECH, Arktis/Air). During the past two years Idklang has been quite busy playing live and writing music. The unique variety of his sound sees him on a lot of different stages and floors supporting bands like Health, Zeni Geva, Nadja and Terminal Hz on their European Tours, or being invited to Elevate Festival to share the stage with Merzbow/Pandi, Otto von Schirach and Deadfader. 
In April of 2011 he accompanied Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow) on his spoken word tour, providing improvised soundscapes, noise and melodies along with two other musicians. In May 2012 he was invited to play a couple of songs during a reading of Ingeborg Bachmann lyrics by Elisabeth Augustin. Right now he’s working on his first full length release and a couple of promising collaborations, such as a live film-score project featured at this years Wiener Festwochen.“ Idklang lives and works in Vienna.

Here is from his DIY 3 track album s/t (2011) Hülgner for free download:

Normal Echo is a solo project of Dawid Szczesny – member of groups Niwea, Earpeace. Known for his works as a sound artist and instrumental music, in this project he’s bringing vocal and performance aspect to his music and live shows. Illuding to cold-wave and punk-rock music, songs of Normal Echo are at the same time romantic and – someone might say – angry. Very intense, his one-man live show leaves no audience unmoved.“ Normal Echo, originally from Poland, currently lives in Berlin. He recently did a small solo debut in this city, supporting Touchy Mob and genius Sean Nicholas Savage (who you find here).

Here is Half True from Private Behaviour (DIY, was out on 15th october) for free download:

Madame Claude, Friday, 2nd of November, 9pm. admission is donation. on decks Rad Spin Rotate Club with virus disco.

press photos on up-coming or past shows. event page on facebook here.