stephen paul taylor + tom ashforth

This month Poplars And Rocks presents at Madame Claude: Stephen Paul Taylor and Tom Ashforth. Stephen Paul Taylor is known for being the second half and keyboard player of the even more known band Trike (a band that won 20.000 dollar and played kind of hundred shows at once in return for it), for being performer in Shakespeare in the Park this summer, for being busker on every Neukölln street, and for being spontaneous live guest in art openings. Now Stephen finally for the first rare time solo on big stage (in terms of small places: „big“), reaching for the stars and world fame. Stephen left his home in Canada temporarily and lives in Berlin.

Tom Ashforth toured Europe with several bands like Antenna and La More extensively. Now he is around solo with his guitar and enjoys being on stage to tell stories about drug trips, retired neonazis and bourgeois hippies. Tom relocated from his native home in England to Köln, Germany.
On decks Rad Spin Rotate Club (Julie) with special guest Will (New Zealand, Thought Creature, Full Moon Fiasco, Black Cat). Visuals by VJ Repin.
This Friday, October 5th, Madame Claude, Kreuzberg, Lübbener Strasse 19. show starts 10pm sharp (midnight is curfew for live music). admission is free donation (that means you are asked to pay as little as one euro) as usual.

flyer by Julie. facebook event at this link. photos of the acts always on up-coming.