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reuben hollebon + hi-life wedding

Summer in the city. This month’s Poplars and Rocks at Madame Claude with two acts on tour:
Reuben Hollebon is a singer/songwriter from Norfolk, Great Britain. He is currently on an extensive DIY european tour, in his suitcase his brand new EP „Clutch“. Wonderful quiet, broken songs with a twisted broken voice that put the Weird into the Folk.
Hi-Life Wedding are a duo from Taiwan, with origins as different as Missouri, USA, and Melbourne, Australia, also touring the world right now. They started off as a more experimental Rock formation to later more bend towards an electronic pop outfit that unites the styles and aims to embrace the differences, music, art and performance.

Madame Claude, Friday, August 3rd, 9pm. Admission is donation. On decks Jay of Rad Spin Rotate Club. Summer in the city is here.