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Ned Colette + Susanna Berivan

This wonderful month of May Poplars and Rocks brings to you: NED COLLETTE and SUSANNA BERIVAN.
Ned Collette, originally from Melbourne, Australia, is Berlin resident now for already two years. He came with the intention to find a space where the weather can be equally depressing, but where it would be perfect to hide from the fame he had gained in his homeland: Like Bowie Ned called his new home Schöneberg. Though he had been to Europe before when he supported Joanna Newsom on tour for instance or Bill Callahan, it seems that the recent two years have not heard so much of Ned Collette. But excluded from the shallow outside world and its pressure and demands, he wrote many more beautiful, dancy, sad and warm songs: after two solo albums, „Jokes & Trials“ (2006) and „Future Suture“ (2007), and with his band Wirewalker „Under the stones, over the stars“ (2009), his brand new and latest album „2″, recorded and mixed between Berlin and Melbourne, will be out on May 11th (Remote Control Records, Dot Dash Records) – reason enough to have him finally play live (after begging him for a year), before he will leave to tour the fifth continent with – surprise – Mary Ocher, another singer songwriter from Berlin, been with us a few times, supporting him! His latest single „Long you lie/ The hedonist“ (Escobar Records) came out October 2011 and you can purchase and listen to it here, or wait for the album: While „long you lie“ becomes quickly a surprisingly hip-shaking ear worm with some 80’s electronic-harmonic reference, „The hedonist“ is classical singer songwriter story-telling at its best, with a highly catchy riff as well. It seems that the fog of sadness has lifted from Ned’s voice a bit while being in Berlin, despite all. „Happy heart“ also from the new album here for FREE DOWNLOAD:

Last year Ned started a residency night in a small bar in Neukölln. There he also teamed up before with Susanna Berivan, so that it wasn‘t hard to convince both to play together (which they also did very recently with Ned’s new band project Crying Room). Susanna Berivan is one of the few local born and bred Berlin girls, but they do exist (one writing here) and on her way to become a very prolific singer songwriter. She started some years ago to play solo all around town, in dark bars and neon-lit underground stations, but also always kept some side projects and is member of several bands. As it is always harder to be from Berlin in Berlin and easier to be from Portland, she struggled a long time already, played a lot, and gets now slowly the attention she deserves. Susanna doesn‘t like to define her style, but thinks you better go and listen, and I couldn‘t agree more: you surely won‘t be disappointed by her joy of singing and making sounds with the mouth, her classical yet playful approach towards weird folk and rough blues and a spoonful of soul. Lots to listen and several free downloads here.

Friday, May 4th 2012, Madame Claude, Kreuzberg. Start 10pm sharp. Admission donation of how much you like. On decks Rad Spin Rotate Club with Julie (Berlin) and Raving Mad Carlos (Buenos Aires).