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CRAVE and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

This friday, last show in 2011, and having rounded off officially eight years of underground promoting. This time at Madame Claude Poplars and Rocks presents: CRAVE and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt.
CRAVE is the side project of Jonny Teardrop, native french from Paris, part-time american, now for some time already residing in Berlin. As Jonny Teardrop he made a smashing performance this year at drop dead festival at maria, and played on and off the small experimental music venues such as loophole, where I by accident spotted him first and approached him to find out who he was. CRAVE is Jonny’s latest project that he plans to develop in the future, with guest musicians willing to contribute – I would! so long, on friday, solo. Jonny says he always brings the police, but let’s hope the cellar will keep us safe… After his first self-released EP young, out in june this year, his first album followed on november 9th: heal, an amazing self-produced album, that leaves one dizzy already while listening to the first song, but will totally have taken one after the whole length of the album into a different sphere of consciousness. Whereas the shows of jonny are pure raw distorted energy, the album lowers the tempo, oscillating back and forth, down pitched and trippy, never telling you where to take you next. He will go far.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt takes the otherworldliness a step further: his noise is a complete thick foggy curtain of something visionary, that cannot be shaped. when I saw him first many years ago, when experimental music was not all over town yet, I was astounded by the way he treated his guitar, seamingly hardly touching it, more happening accidentally to be there to help him create the sound he wanted. The film clips he started to produce to go along his compositions stress the coincidence of the extract of a pattern. Originating from Chicago, Sean is living now for a long time in Berlin, making himself a name in the underground scene of the noise family, also starting to organise himself experimental noise nights. His latest album Gesang der Geister was out on avachorda. But keep checking, he produces mini albums regularly, sometimes daily. Some are found here.

Opened will be the night by Whale vs Elephant with a short set of new songs. Visuals by Lady Lazer Light (Wellington). On decks Rad Spin Rotate Club with latest resident Raving Mad Carlos (Buenos Aires), guest DJ Kyra LaMariana (New York) and our very own Julie (Berlin).
Madame Claude, Friday, December 2nd. Show starts 9.30pm sharp. Admission – still – free donation! We always appreciate your coming along. Thanks to all who came at least once in the past eight years. Not to mention our gratitude to those who made it even twice. On to the ninth…

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Drawings by Jonny.