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Prader & knecht, Jimmy & krach

This month at madame claude: two duos! Prader & knecht come all the way up from Zürich in Switzerland to play our world-famous monthly mayhem of unpredictable and outstanding new and the like weird acts. They consist of guitar and cello, the drummer they had to leave at home, and enchant with beautiful songs that swing between country, blues and perfect pop. Recently they have released their first album, called This Is Weird, which they are going to present at this very first gig of theirs in Berlin.

Here for a limited time only for you the title track of the album This Is Weird for download:

Local support comes from underground guru of garage blues Jimmy Trash. This night without his celebrity packed backing band, including normally such illustrious names as Oska Wald from Chuckamuck, Mohair Sam, or Mum and Son in the past. Planned as stated on the flyer to play with Rosie, accompanying with clarinette Jimmy on piano, the lineup was swiftly changed into Krach der Roboter joining, labelling the music now according to Jimmy drum machine blues.
Jimmy Trash moved some years ago from the outbacks of Australia into the thriving night life of Berlin, where he soon became one the leading night creatures that make Berlin the little boring place it is said to be. Evolving from around the anti-folk adorer fourtrack on stage, he slowly made his way through the moldy cellars by getting a reputation for his freak out shows where self destruction and broken glass are only a minor side occurence on the way to evoke pure lust and thus achieve a higher spiritual consciousness.
I actually cannot remember when I saw him the first time, it feels more he has always been around, but then his musical endeavours have not taken him further yet then to be the best known secret tip of this city. To gather around like-minded bands, he started a small festival called Trashfest, whose last issue ended in the club maybe having to close down. If not djing around town, he does boring summer jobs teaching kids to sing the ramones as a choir version. If you want to see him in your town, you can help him book his first european tour. DIY!

Friday, November 4th, 10pm sharp. Admission: free donation! Madame Claude, Lübbener Strasse 19, Berlin. Music all night, on decks our own rad spin rotate club with special guest Raving Mad Carlos from Argentina. Visuals by Lady Lazor Light, New Zealand.