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lea johnson und blutiger felsenstern

this month at madame claude will be a Heimatabend: we welcome back the wonderful Lea Johnson, who we had brought first to you in 2009, back then on a bill with Untitled – meanwhile she made a bit of a career, getting a residency spot in one of the nights at zmf, recorded her first album with Tom Marsh on drums (known from Beaks or I am X, who he had left for the sake of joining more interesting projects) and Gordon Raphael (known from… you know it) behind the mixer, sang with Myriad Creatures, is about to start a second band with Pierre from I Heart Sharks (it likely will be called Vienna…), and last but not least, a fact I find extremely charming, she followed the path of Johnny Cash and played last year a one-off show to a crowd of prisoners… her self-made „unofficial“ album is called Playing with the Gun, but if it has something to do with this experience or with what kind of gun – we don‘t know! but you can purchase it exclusively tomorrow at the half-acoustic gig – with Tom on percussion. Second guest of the night is Blutiger Felsenstern, a name that could equally be taken from alternatively a western or some past in a Moabit street gang… Karl, the man behind it, makes, if not solo, music in psychedelic post noise Altbau. (go to his sites, there are free downloads). get the cool brides and rockers tonight at madame claude! start as usual 10pm sharp, door, as usual, donation from as little as one euro. on decks after midnight our very own rad spin rotate club. join us with your presence.

Friedrich from the magnificent MITTEKILL will join on decks.