Gustaf Heden

two brothers, very different, very much the same, attracting each other, hating each other, needing each other and at those times achieving the highest… sounds familiar? speaking of the beatles, the clash, the libertines…? no, of the michelles. the michelles were a pop group founded in london in 2005 by two refugees: timothy lalonde and gustaf heden, one from the us, the other from sweden. by adding a brit, graeme pierce, and an aussi, dean rostron, they followed quite quick a path of success, highlighted by their grand single „springtime“, which made it until hollywood to find itself as soundtrack to „two days in paris“ in 2007. meanwhile gustaf had found another love and followed her to new york, so in 2006 gustaf had a new project and a split from the michelles with dedicating his attention fully to the distractions, his new band in new york, which consisted basically of gustaf himself. some people in scotland couldn‘t see such wonderful genius decaying and invited him to work: russell burn, beside others former drummer of the fire engines, a short lived but very influential edinburgh based post punk band of the early eighties, that made the way for later acts like primal scream, jesus and mary chain, or pastels to name a few, linked up with gustaf and together they formed spectorbullets. their debut album came out in november on mayakovsky produkts, a label russell formed himself to avoid dealing with those big record labels and their disinterest. next release will be a split with the sexual objects from glasgow… (their label code is cccp.) there was a small tour in the uk by the spectorbullets, this time it’s the first time in germany: since we couldn‘t invite a drummer, it will be gustaf heden solo. and what happened to the rest of the michelles? you‘ll read more in the next issue. tomorrow: poplars and rocks presents GUSTAF HEDEN solo acousitc at madame claude. january 7th, starts 22pm sharp, admission donation.
get here „mayakovsky it ain‘t (chaos it is)“ from spectorbullets debut of the same name: