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our baby brothers play tonight at bang bang for dorfdiscos birthday. that’s nothing big anymore to mention, since they played there now a couple of times (supporting vivian girls and the like), but when you would knew the story of their early days, how they have been thrown out of every place and not being welcomed back, and not only because something might have gone broken, but also being denied in some places for playing too much around in the city (and how will you attract then audience?) – then that’s still some news that make me smile. chuckamuck are around now for at least three years, since they were fifteen or sixteen – meanwhile they are nineteen, but some of them still go to school. this fact though never kept them from setting up their instruments anytime in the last traditional bar and play (the bar is closed now), just for the sake of playing when their school mates stood outside as they weren‘t allowed in… garage and rock as terms were invented for them, even though the area they come from doesn‘t have any garages anymore. – chuckamuck are from real deep down city centre berlin we call mitte, just like us few, only they were born in a different country, the first so to say of the recent, but they speak our language: in the past more german about autobahn und schokoriegel, meanwhile more english and the lyrics contain alcohol – a great song they wrote together with jimmy trash, I think, another loving mentor and crazy dude… chuckamuck are real, and that’s why we love them – and luckily, with playing lots and don‘t caring about anything, they made many of friends and impressions on the ones necessary- this year they got signed on staatsakt (driver and driver, ja, panik, christiane rösinger) and even call a booker their own (one they share with jeans team, stereo total, etc.)- no taking the train nine hours anymore and arriving too late and having to find home again – unpaid… our telling and bringing them on stage (as well the fourtrack guys and other likeminded underground promoters) might have helped a bit too – we still warmly recommend: go and see them!

from november 2009 at nbi. on bill with lonski and classen and the sea.

from a party in a run down house on friedrichstrasse, 2009.

from chuckamuck at madame claude, 2009 with gordon raphael.

I am sure, had they been born another place, they had been hyped and sold by now – luckily they weren‘t! alcohol, my favourite video of the early days (and i think still the latest)…

daymonthyear women

dd/mm/yyyy, our favourite canadians have a new song and video out. but the actual good news is they will play in berlin soon again! mark november 22nd. they play at this new venue… marie antoinette, kindly opened and run with much love by the guys who brought us battiston82 and madame claude. dd/mm/yyyy are on tour with our second favourite canadians btw, women, who played a great gig lately in berlin with idiot glee. they are not stated for the berlin show (action beat will join, the noise three kit drum band, we brought to you long time back), but one never knows, maybe women will find secretly a spot too, I surely would be the last to mind…

extend your library via stereogum! get Eyesore from Public Strain, released in september on Jagjaguwar.

and here we go…

hilde tropengold

strong supporter of emarzipation of any kind, we shall not neglect mentioning Hilde Tropengold here! I met her through her silly and enchanting drawings. more childlike than childish, charming, innocent and nastily revealing. but Hilde Tropengold is a band and chrizzi their front man. man like in woman of course. the rough charme of lo-fi imperfection also there is just to disguise the warmth and will for perfection dwelling underneath. Hilde Tropengold do write quite beautiful songs that one could call great pop tunes. if it had been another place and another time, elastica, lush, or stereolab surely would have welcomed her in their club, maybe she had been too german and sensitive though. and since all perfection bores, chrizzi started off lately with another project called Yukon Orange, the more electro-y brother of Hilde. the german bro at any rate. here her stories, depictions of the unimportant things of life, like love and death and poets, find their continuation. there are not many songs about „Discount-Bestattung“, bargain funeral services? „Sterben und sparen“, dying and saving, goes a line that comes quite nice and easy and I reckon it as having a big potential for lots of people finding a topic in it they can identify with and hum along… and actually the echo was received. a german radio started playing the band, and more surprisingly and actually no surprise at all: new york’s best radio station WFMU played them repeatedly… besides this chrizzi also plays in krysmopompas and continues drawing… I chose her for an exhibition we ran last year in a closing down building, now we take a step foward and soon will show more of chrizzi’s weird world view expressed in comics. expect another art show of another kind…

herztöne und lungengeräusche

…is a blog nearly as pretty as this one here. ok, they look a bit better… the only thing that counts though is that we share a similar aim to promote good music! and drawings! and probably we share the same love for great food, but that’s another subject that’s not that easy to get you share the taste – anyhow, I luv them guys! somehow I am reminded a bit of the old Schall und Rauch zines of the Kabarett of the same name, the best after the Great War in the heart of Berlin, to which young George Grosz and others contributed… however, as you might not get the picuture, check out the herztöne und lungengeräusche blog! have I mentioned it is run mainly by a guy otherwise known as Touchy Mob- o my gosh, then it’s high time… it is. if you are good at one thing, you probably are as good in another! his drawings are delightful, so by a guy called paul… to celebrate the art, we will see more of it at the end of the year, about it more later! to share the musical taste, h.u.l. (whoever invents such long names?!) and p.a.r aka r.s./r.c. will spin records tonight at madame claude after the bands.

the smugs

the smugs will open tonight at madame claude with an acoustic set by joshua and kasimir. it’s the second time with us (the last time we had them with high heels, the project of the former guitarist of why?), but they promised only to play new songs: here is one of them, Streets of Paris, shot in quite a stunning scenery, makes me think there must have something gone incredibly wrong in my life… „now I should be happy and I think I am, but there are still so many questions“:

the smugs are berlin bread and just sixteen, more to be heard of their band, normally a four piece, quite surely in the future… girls, watch out! here some pictures of their first show at madame claude from february with high heels:

*self made amp by high heels.