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had the spookfish been washed ashore and landed in Hawaii, he surely happily would have knot a ducktail around his back to celebrate the day and keep it up when only sometimes diving down his head again… Ducktails is the solo project of Matt, in an other live guitarist of Real Estate, last year’s Desolation Wilderness‘ favourite band (it’s never too late for gossip, is it?). his last album was out last year on not not fun. he also releases on the small shdwply (sore eros, velvet davenport, and of course – gary war!) and the big woodsist (blank dogs, ganglians, moon duo), beside others. tonight at madame claude. if global warming sounds like ducktails, I don‘t mind it at all, though I might get a bit too chilled out…

here from the forthcoming, not released album on woodsist, Art Vandeley:

the spookfish

it’s the Spookfish’s aka Dan’s birthday today (today in terms of new york time), so instead of congratulating him I better make you aware of his stuff! his wonderfully melancholic, mostly instrumental early computer sound with thick distorted keys and subtle hooking beats comes along like the soundtrack to a vintage futuristic kids series of a boy lost in the loneliness of the real world but saved by the strong faithful love of his big friend the dog – or be it a spookfish. The Spookfish supported Philipp Seymour Hoffman’s appearance at the june issue of poplars and rocks at madame claude, where he played a solo gig a few weeks later. for whatever reason, I missed it. you could have seen him at creepy teepee festival, you can catch him now in brooklyn maybe – and I guess the latest next year in europe again. meanwhile listen to his music via his homepage on soundcloud or elsewhere on world wide wilderness. the more you listen to the unobstrusiveness of the sounds, the more they‘ll cling to you. there is more to explore in the depths of the ground of the oceans.

Remembering, my currently loved soundtrack hit.

also for your walkman: Clouds

and My stomach.

check out also more videos people did. they all provide quite a good background…

tussle and publicist

Tussle and Publicist aka Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am tonight at Bang Bang Club. latter live without Ian Svenonius, singer and pal from Weird War times. he can do it on his own – heavy disco funk in chains. Tussle join the space journey in battering the pieces.

Tussle, Rainbow Claw. quotes Palais Schaumburg, doesn‘t it? beside others. to allude and to stay original is the big Art.

television personalities and park

PARK played the july issue of poplars and rocks at madame claude. this made him so famous, that he a few weeks later announced supporting TELEVISION PERSONALITIES tonight in Hamburg. OMG! in my eyes this fact is making David alias Park the new Kurt Cobain of the Mod world. that TVPs are back live is anyway a happy news! hopefully in Berlin again soon as well. if you can make it tonight in Hamburg, make it! Television Personalities released a brand new album this year called A Memory Is Better Than Nothing. it can be purchased at rocket girl. Park writes warm-hearted, soft-tuned songs about freezing at bus stops and the hard life in towerblocks, very garagy and organge-juicy. his recordings he sells at his live shows. go and get it!

Park played alongside Silent Sleep, a new solo project by the frontman Chris of british band 28 Costumes. they were on tour last month with Voo, supporting The Wedding Present

touchy mob

wonderful german act TOUCHY MOB will play this month’s show at madame claude. I right started to like him after I found him. that is to say, his name must have passed me a few times, but unnoticed so far. but so I am happy this second about another new refreshing and not-too-much-know-yet talent floating around in the dark and vast underground universes of Berlin. originally from the beautiful northern town of Stralsund, Ludwig made his way down to the big city to bring us songs that are a mix of cleverness, fragility, weird folk, dub, story telling, experimental sound and heavy dancibility. „If house is a nation, I want to be president“, this line from Just a Track proves best you can honour everything in your own right, and a folk ballad can become a hymn for house music. beside his own tracks, Touchy Mob enjoys more and more doing remixes for other musicians, like, the big now, Caribou, or AU, whose song he completely new interpreted, adding some groove to it the band would have needed at their last live show in Berlin… Touchy Mob will be touring soon extensively. so go and catch him. FREE downloads on soundcloud and his homepage. listen here to Myriad:

Myriad by Touchy Mob

this song is from this year’s NO EP. the whole ep is here for FREE download, as well as another ep from this year and his previous first album Pets Of Plenty, released 2009, are to be found there. enjoy!

also on the bill are POP CAMPAIGN, originating from Scotland, meanwhile in Berlin. the duo seems to embrace all kinds of electronica, from 80s wave to 90s techno to retro-nintendo sounds and future ambient collages. for FREE download Das Perfekte Promi Dinner, more on soundcloud:

Das Perfekte Promi Dinner (Demo) by popcampaign

september 3rd, LIVE GIG starts 10pm on time! you choose admission! madame claude, Berlin Kreuzberg, Lübbener Strasse 19. two floors. we play the finest from the records and lots of more new good bands…

drawing is from Touchy Mob