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Corbu is a young formation from brooklyn, new york, few have only heard of. but more will in the future. they do very catchy electronic music with an experimental edge. their sound contains a warm rough texture but strives towards big dance grandeur with a hook that quietly creeps down your neck and won‘t leave you so quick anymore. I strongly recommend! we have them tonight first time live in berlin! jonathan, founding member of Corbu, solo this time. also on the bill a band from berlin: Use Your Fucking Headphones, who are busy playing since they got together last year, but for tonight come to show more of their half acoustic side. a band one has to watch! julius‘ other band Two Shoes just released their first album.

Corbu released their songs and Ep on their site for free download. go here. listen to Through Emptiness:

more downloads are to be found here. you can get the latest We Are Sound there.

the band also contributed a cover song for an EP this year. you can download the whole thing for free here.

and this band does not even have a label yet. I wonder…