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oil has changed our world for ever, the ocean floor is cracking, methane clouds rise, water is turning into dead zone, clouds leave rainbow coloured patches, corexit kills what oil and gas missed, whilst new wars are being prepared. but no need to be upset! SILK FLOWERS from new york will play tonight at bang bang club. providing the gloomy minimalist synth sound of our time. it’s their second time in berlin. this time with support by ben butler and mousepad, who will play their last gig in a very long time… silk flowers release on post present medium (Abe Vigoda, Wavves, Liars, No Age) and the wonderful label captured tracks(Gary War, Ganglians, Blank Dogs). they then will move on to the beautifully curated creepy teepee festival (philip seymour hoffman, terrible eagle).I love their tunes! here’s to share.
in your memory.

SILK FLOWERS – In Your Memory from Tara Sinn on Vimeo.

shadows in daylight.

SILK FLOWERS „shadows in daylight“ from brian degraw on Vimeo.