animal collective oddsac

animal collective are in town tonight. ok, not as band live, but their latest work will be, in addition to avey tare and danny perez, the film maker: four years ago animal collective and danny perez, who also had done live visuals for panda bear and black dice before, started working together on a larger film project that was meant to blend the bands psychedelic ventures into sound with an adequate visual journey. now after that long period oddsac, a colourful feature film odyssey without a narrative, was first screened at sundance festival in january this year and went afterwards on tour through the usa, now followed by chosen spots in europe. the only berlin screening will take place tonight at kino babylon in mitte; tomorrow hamburg is the only second german city where the film will be shown. for those who will not be able to make it this time and discuss with the makers, a dvd will be released in june. oddsac will feature music by animal collective that is nowhere else going to be released on an album other than this, their latest and current ‚visual album‘. oddsac, ‚pre-release‘ today!

for this event we give away free tickets for the first 2 people who drop us a line.
hurry up and good luck!