Richard von der Schulenburg

Richard von der Schulenburg has become known throughout Germany over the last couple of years as keyboarder of Hamburg band Die Sterne. He joined Die Sterne in 2000, when the original keyboarder had left the band. Up to now he worked on four albums with Die Sterne, including the latest one, but felt with the current development that he musically would have wanted to go another direction and decided to have Die Sterne go their way again and pursue his own. Die Sterne as one of the big shots of the so called Hamburger Schule had a strong impact on the music scene in the early to mid nighties, at which time their following was a rather small but chosen crowd of people. When Die Sterne had got more commercially successfull in the late nineties I must admit I had lost interest in the band – maybe unjustifiedly: Richard von der Schulenburg had made himself some name in Hamburg since he founded the Top Banana Trio in 1997, a what he called dada-pop-project, and with who he toured in 1999 with Ja König Ja, the year in which he released his first single as Top Banana Richard. around this time he started another more punk inspired band, Soup de Nüll, parts of which became later the backing band for his solo project Richard and of one of his current bands, the more jazz inspired 440hz Trio he set up in 2007, parallel to his involvement with Die Sterne. also parallel to his work with Sterne he released his first solo album Das ist schön in 2002 on L‘age d‘or, followed by Universum in 2004.

beside being busy as musician he was seen as regular DJ in underground Hamburg bars, where he is still resident DJ at the famous Pudel Club. in the past years he discovered his love for house music, to which he mostly dedicated himself under the name RVDS. he runs the label It’s, which he helped setting up and on which he released the 12′‘ Lost whistle in 2008. It’s is aiming to release club music „that doesn‘t exclude experiment“, like RVDS, A different Jimmy, Dj Phono and others. he moreover is involved in composing music for theatre productions and has directed himself a baroque revue in Hamburg in 2006. he lately was seen in Berlin in a performance at Volksbühne and is still to be seen in a production at Deutsches Theater. RVDS released his new EP Waiting, Kiss and Love in april.

Spring in the mix by RvdS

I am very delighted to have him playing some of his favourite tunes. but if you miss it this time, I guess there are chances too to make up for it at more occassions, when you‘ll catch him as DJ, electronic experimentalist, jazz musician or classic piano player.

the brilliant Lieben tun, was released in 2003 on the L‘age d‘or compilation Wir.

His own early solo stuff seems to have been quite polarizing, but I do love it. and if Hamburg for you, as for me, got in the past couple of years a bit out of focus (maybe not little due to some quite aweful bands, that came after the high tide of Hamburger Schule) I recommend to make up with what may have been overlooked and partly not understood: real simplicity disguises it’s complexity and when looking to find something of substance may not hesitate to do so in a way that seems not to take itself too serious, even be it more so than it shows.

RVDS with special dj set at poplars and rocks at Kim, Berlin, may 2nd.