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how I learned to love

how I learned to love the bomb was published as 7′‘ and 12′‘ on dreamworld in 1986. up-coming news about television personalities on dan’s blog.

the title derives from the movie dr strangelove or how I learned to love the bomb by stanley kubrick from 1964. you can watch it in full here.

because if it’s not love then it’s the bomb, the bomb, the bomb, that will bring us together

the smith, ask, 12′‘ single release from the same year, 1986, on rough trade.

computer games

this video came out a few weeks after the previous post, a few days ago. coincidence? this happened a few years ago, and it still happens and will, as no one stopps the madness. can our world turn darker than that? no, it cannot, but still it is likely to. I know lots of people have seen it, but maybe not everyone yet, but everyone must. come on, let us have fun…

it’s only a game.

art by spitboy.