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dd/mm/yyyy and clara clara

thanks to everyone for supporting dd/mm/yyyy and clara clara in berlin and having the ‚monday made a weekend‘ and to the very lovely bands themselves – of course.

more pictures on dorfdisco.

some shoes have to lead single lives. more about life and the very ‚rarely‘ heard slogan ‚I want to live in Berlin‘ in the dd/mm/yyyy tour blog.

clara clara have their first video out, Under The Skirt, and also the first from the up-coming album Comfortable Problems, out in march! it’s great:

you can pre-order here.

Clara Clara

clara clara are joining dd/mm/yyyy on february 8th in berlin! clara clara is a two-boys-one-girl outfit from lyon in france. they are around for some years, but started very young wanting to go far. after an early momentary line-up change, and with a wild electronic punk sound in the beginning, clara clara have developed from a purely instrumental band into a more ‚post everything‘ act with a reduced drum kit, but nonetheless not reduced in effect, and with a further integration of francois virot vocal journeys (often described as being similar to avey tare – and surely animal collective is not too far away a comparison: clara clara have not only shared stage with that band before, francois, when still a kid and starting to set up grrrnd zero, lyon’s best venue, was also one the first to book animal collective in europe) giving it all a noticeable maturing of sound. this will manifest itself in their long awaited release of their brand new album going to come out in march this year on clapping music. last year’s gig in april 2009 with action beat, gtuk and don vito (who just finished a big tour through china) gave already an idea of what to expect, when some of the new songs were already performed live.

we are very happy to present our favourite french band, after the first time in 2006, now a fourth time in berlin again. not counted the times we had francois virot as solo artist with us, a passion he successfully followed for some time, in fact he became more know than he was with his band, but a career he partly gave up again on, missing the drums to finally melt the diverging branches into one and bring it a step further.

Clara Clara – New Album Teaser #1 from Clapping Music on Vimeo.

listen here to paper crowns from the up-coming album:

get here another preview, although I don‘t know the song and am not sure whether dolphins will really be on the album:

just stay curious! listen here to an older song, dans mon smoking. this song was self-released on a 4 track ep, je t aime (2006):

the first self-titled 8 track album came out on zero jardins (2005). the big first official release was AA on SKrecords in 2007. you can listen here to the whole album.

say fiesta, one of his biggest ‚hits‘, is from francois virot’s solo album yes or no on clapping music out in 2008:

some years ago when we had clara clara they were on tour with kickball from portland, another very likable and great band. please check them out! here is polar bears from self-released Everything Is A Miracle Nothing Is A Miracle Everything Is:

kickball had a great drummer, lisa, who francois spontaneously jammed together with, when playing solo, opening the set for clara clara. lisa plays now in another very charming all girls band called explode into colors. check them out! they might play near you soon.

and if you ever wanted to teach yourself drums, do so! I mean, you can also just simply play, if you find something to hit on, but if you want to do it more perfectly, take lisa’s diy guide to drums, it’s self-drawn and sweet.

by the way playing, francois virot has yet another new project: in reveille he swapped the drum kit with the guitar. going to be presented very soon! stay tuned.

blogotheque does nice sessions. and last but not least here we go with one of animal collective’s:

and ps: thanks to those other people for up-loading some songs and distributing the tunes


poplars and rocks proudly pesents DD/MM/YYYY! (day month year.) the quintet from toronto in canada is returning to europe to promote their latest and third album Black Square, released last year on their label We are busy bodies (japanther, the death set), in europe by deleted art. they describe their math rock noise and their love for swapping instruments as to be „stubborn only with regard to a ‘no-style’ approach to making music“, in order to keep space for creativity (hence the open and vague name), „to push limits and shake traditions“. in the last months they did several gigs with sBach and video hippos beside others and played shows with acts like no age and dan deacon. in berlin we will have them share the stage with clara clara.

here two songs from Black Square:

infinity skull cube

digital haircut

coin wash is from are they masks? (2007) done by matt from dd/mm/yyyy, also responsible for the band’s art work: „art can be easy“ it states in their blog. check out their homepage for more.

high heels

we like people who put their albums for free download online. that can make up for the project name. high heels is austin who has previously been around with staggering statistics and why?. his solo project with contribution from josiah from why? and michael from afghan wigs you can get here