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gay beast follow child abuse

poplars and rocks is proudly presenting GAY BEAST on their first european tour in berlin. they formed in 2005, released in 2006 the first longplayer disrobics, followed by their second album second wave in 2009 out on skin graft (arab on radar, pre, aids wolf, melt banana). their latest release is the 7-inch charm. listen here to the great exxxpanding from second wave, some fragmented noisy pop tune.

here from label mates aids wolf, spit tastes like metal.

and teenage lakes from pre.

gay beast were playing tonight a single show with child abuse in germany. the berlin online magazine dorfdisco wrote a very nice article about child abuse’s gig last saturday. read it here. although child abuse played for the first time in berlin, I think we had never people flying in from moscow to see a show before. I am also glad for the attention their name brought me on the internet, although adam bomb was not bad either – but it was for the first time that even our newsletter was treated as spam. it was kind of a surprise then that so many people showed up in the end. and they loved it.

listen here to pre-emptive priapism from child abuse. also one of my favourites by them, a nice instrumental, somewhere between battles and lightning bolt.

lightning bolt, 13 monsters.

this is god speaking

Gary War and Child Abuse

proudly presenting gary war and child abuse tonight. gary war is still a somewhat not too known act, who has nevertheless started to make his way into the ears of a small group of ardent connoisseurs. two albums, ‚horribles parade‘ last year and ‚the newraytheonport‘ not long before that, were released on sacred bones and shdwply records respectively. it does not surprise when hearing him first one has to think of some similarity in sound to john maus that he in fact was with john maus part of ariel pink some years ago. although both in their music cultivate fragility and melancholy, gary war’s music, unlike the extroverted strength of despair of maus, seems more introverted and perturbed. also, he surely won‘t be playing with full playback but comes along with a three piece band. I am very looking forward to the show, which is the first of gary war in berlin.

child abuse are also from new york, but with their wild casio metal noise musically a bit different to the previous, bending more towards their label mates on lovepump united (aids wolf, pre, usaisamonster). I like this band a lot already, as they organised their first tour through europe on their own. and I guess that’s why they ended up here. luckily. check out their side projects, also interesting: the drummer oran canfield published his memoirs last year. so he might have had something to write about.

listen here to everynight from gary war.