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wooden shjips

wooden shjips provided us last year with the nicest soundtrack for these current winter solstice days, upon an old and o too familiar tune. from me to you and dance around the dead tree! and yes, for free download.

just mentioning this band (who played quite a good show at westgermany this year too) since a new side project of them called moon duo collaborated this year on a similar benefit venture (to raise money for food, unfortunately not for me, but hopefully one day I will also get some charitable donation) also with gary war – and ladies and gentlemen! gary war is going to be presented by us in january! with more up-coming astounding new acts next year, a week that is. o my. so stay tuned, even though this blog always seems to have little time. and less I fear. but the revolution never dies.

drawing is taken from chrizzi. she is one of those musicians I discovered first through her art. (aren‘t you always looking for likeminded people?) check out hilde tropengold too, and her numerous other projects.

bondage fairies

bondage fairies are a two-piece electro-punk outfit from sweden. their last album „cheap italian wine“ was out in may on hamburg based label audiolith (knarf rellöm trinity, saalschutz). they are on tour at the moment through europe and we are proud to have them with us tomorrow- actually today- in berlin! check out our home or myspace for details. „won‘t you wanna dance?“

support comes from krautman. krautman aka lu weed runs tipsy poodl label and studio and is one half of the electro trash duo mash gordon, wild dancers back then. robot-like wild.


some shots from playberlin caught at our night.

very recommendable to watch are some interviews playberlin did this and last year, eclecticly picking some of the best and most interesting bands that played in town at the time, like deerhoof, black dice, lightning bolt and some more. here the deerhoof one from last year. bad night, great gig. you can see bits of my hairdo within the first three seconds. but only when you know it. thanks to johannes.