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john maus done

no, that’s not a living room, that’s the stage of westgermany last saturday. john maus did a great show, starting with My whole world is coming apart and Time to die… so what do you expect more?! he gave two encores, until he was nearly too tired to move anymore. might happen if you are on tour with another band and have to do two shows per night. but john promised to come back on tour properly when a new album is being written and released.


nudge and starving weirdos

poplars and rocks are going to present this week nudge and starving weirdos. „how come you are booking those bands?“ „I could relate to the name.“ nudge is beside others a project by brian foote, who runs portland based audraglint recordings which releases with a highly likeable taste grizzly bear, atlas sound, the side project of bradford cox from deerhunter, or tarwater. nudge’s newest album As good as gone was just released on kranky. (deerhunter played lately in berlin with black lips which was a show I would have liked to see, but my wallet said no. if you felt the same you can watch here a full one hour concert though.) starving weirdos shared stages with lucky dragons, deerhunter beside many others exiting new acts. their brand new double album, split into Path Of Lightning and Self-Hypnosis, is released on weird forest.

get here a free download from nudge’s latest album, as good as gone, burns blue, from stereogum.

starving weirdos offer a lot of tracks for free download on their homepage. here is all night long.

daniel johnston

daniel johnston is playing tonight with stig noise sound system in liverpool. well done! „we don‘t really like what you do. we don‘t think that anyone ever will…“

drawing by jad fair. two album collaborations of jad fair and daniel johnston from 1989 were re-released on jagjaguwar some years ago.

ramona falls

ramona falls aka brent knopf (he recently played in berlin and is more famous as one third of the band menomena!) just proudly announced the release of his first video, I say fever. since I love the song somehow, good as fever itself, here have something more to watch

one is never enough. so more animated videos of excellent songs: deerhoof, chandelier searchlight (from offend maggie, kill rock stars, 2008)

I actually wanted to add for real by okkervil river (jagjaguwar), but as so many others it seems to be banned for whatever reason. watch it here though…