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all there is left to say. on a saturday morning of poplars and rocks in kreuzberg.

palais schaumburg

some people seem to not know this band, regarding from when I put their music on – despite recent cover version by younger bands. chance to catch up: holger hiller is playing tonight at kaffee burger. the single ‚Wir bauen eine neue Stadt‘ was released in 1981.

rock and roll

animal collective

dark days, still some flowers blossom! a hazy reappearence of some memory not determined to last. I like the things that sustain and the irrevocable change.

latest video for in the flowers by animal collective from merriweather post pavilion (domino). gorgeous song. dance yourself into the tomb.

he was no drug dealer, mama, he was a dancer!

if you are into associative thinking check this is like. they are on a similar trail.

the shaky hands

me too. getting home when it’s light in winter is not a good sign. but there is so much music to put on. shaky hands play tonight.