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the walrus

lord auch pictured

things have been said about lord auch before. here the pics from their last gig with poplars n rocks in berlin. also on the bill were two new local bands, strange forces from australia and the sun and the wolf from newzealand. lord auch released their new ep To the shithouse this week in london. you can purchase it from young and lost club.

simon lately said in an interview with DIY that he is into soup: red lentils and carrots. I hope they come back soon and if it’s for cooking. good taste reveals in everything.

tv personalities cont.

and no surprise, tv personalities were also kurt cobain’s favourite band. unbeatable line-up, I unfortunately missed back then. luckily not dan treacy. could it be that I have not mentioned once in the last short blog the word sadness? the things you think that are understood, you never mention. well, if something, he is a master in expressing deep loving sadness, and imbody it. fragility and strength. both necessarily complementing one another. here one of my favourites three wishes from the album They could have been bigger than the beatles (1982). perfect autumn soundtrack, and autumn is the whole year.

and here, have yet another one, from the remix 12′‘ of My dark places (2007, domino records). only some of the best current us american bands contributed… battles, black dice, and ratatat. from the last mentioned You kept me waiting too long long (Ratatat remix)

ratatat played at this year’s fusion festival an amazing performance. they don‘t do much, but they do it right. chrome hoof, as second ‚famous‘ band on that festival, was great too by the way. this btw still to the stig noise note.

and what comes after three wishes alphabetically? time to die. right, john maus. so things that don‘t apparently belong together still find each other, sometimes. he announced lately playing in berlin soon. I won‘t miss that, although there are at the moment every night three gigs worth seeing, but some are more outstanding.

television personalities

tonight in berlin. one shouldn‘t miss seeing a legend. one that strictly did their own unique stuff. starting their band in 1977, tv personalities inherited a punk attitude, but musically more oriented on pink floyd and the who, they spread their anger quitely, smart and more wittily. although after their debut album 14th floor big mainstream success never set in, their low-fi dance punk had massive influence on many bands later on. even mgmt express their respect for dan treacy by having dedicated a song to tvps this year. so, for those not familiar with the story, get their albums and treacy’s solo works, recommendable is also a swedish documentary from some years ago, and maybe you discover more than gossip about someone drinking too much… there is a reason for everything.