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selfish cunt

too many selfish cunts around, but I love this one. nice new interview on his myspace blog.

mahjongg in berlin

mahjongg live in berlin at bang bang club on august 12th 2009. raw tribal kraut dance power at its best. although it was the last day of a longer tour and some tiredness of the guys could not be concealed, which resulted in missed radio interviews, but on stage luckily it did not reveal. here some videos. to give you an idea what you missed when you were not there, although live never resembles anything. also great performances by ben butler and mousepad with gtuk on drums, who himself played another crazy show last weekend at a party series run by playberlin, some guys whose ideas are very much similar to the ones of poplars and rocks, and very much liked therefore and their good taste. support by kornreiniger. on decks donna summer aka jason forrest and patterns, who I very much recommend as a live band as well, in some aspects related to mahjongg.

here for free download another jason forrest track. fauvist respoke from the lady fantasy ep. mahjongg have to go first to the studio to record some new tracks. maybe I will get some then. hopefully then catching more the live energy, many people saying they miss this about the recorded tracks. but then again, live is always different, there is no other way but finding that out.


poplars and rocks presents MAHJONGG! the post-punk-art-afro-beat-native-american-new-wave-electro-disco rockers in berlin. with support from DJ DONNA SUMMER, aka jason forrest, and ben butler and mousepad, aka germlin and gay against you! plus patterns dj set and supports. unofficial, unannounced and fantastic!

MAHJONGG, tell the police the truth

Jason Forrest, war photographer

Germlin, water melon dude zone pt2

john maus

there is hardly anything to be regretted that has been done, than that which has not been done. and I regularly miss lots of shows, that I later on would have wished to see. john maus, known as former member of ariel pink’s haunted graffiti (who played lately in berlin, supported by icy demons, which was a packed, sweaty and in sound terms difficult night) and his work for panda bear from animal collective, and meanwhile maybe known for himself, played a long time ago the last time in berlin, back then with harry merry, and I did not go. yes, the missed things. piling up in mountains. but then, everything comes back, and right now john maus, whose last album, love is real (upset the rhythm), was out 2007, keeps a good company, and I force it into people’s ears, so, here we go -. john maus writes and talks a lot about himself and what he is doing, and there is an equally lot written about him, read it if you want, but you can also leave it. I think it said somewhere that he would take himself too serious. but I think what devides an artist from a dilettant is that he never takes himself serious, but his work. he might say something as a joke, but what he says beyond it, is meant truely. but people take the joke and treat this as true, but what lies behind it, as funny. the dilemma of the world and the great spirits. they might have a heavier heart, but lighter feet, when they hold in their hands nothing but broken pieces, that are so precious… humour and sadness are rarely understood, and they lie so close together.

my whole world is coming apart

new order

mahjongg, still being on tour through europe, where a few weeks ago in the studio with ben butler and mousepad to record a fifteen minute track. here is a reference point.