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the good thing about berlin is that geniuses can die here in complete anonymity. and there were many, are probably some, and some just live here without many people taking any note. this seems to foreigners of utmost attraction, for maybe they do not know how to explain this phenomenon. on the one hand it is of course a humble and normal gesture of politeness not to intrude anyone and putting an interest in other peoples lives about the own, having become otherwise quite rare these days, on the other hand to have no interest but in oneself, has more than anything become the plague of our times. and that mediocracy never understood and therefore never liked people with more abilities is the sad story of human history. but I lost my point, and a ridiculous blog is surely not the place to go more into common reflections. and ignorance can be simply a not-knowing-yet-about: so, simply, quickly, check out joe howe. he is one those people with some reputation, that not many really know here about, or a few might know some of his projects, but not that behind the different disguises and band names hides the same young man, but many probably not at all (that is the reason why I write this here). he has moved to berlin a while ago, has played a few shows, when he supported acts as sbach and mahjongg, and did a few headline shows with his new funk-nerdcore project BEN BUTLER AND MOUSEPAD. like on july 3rd in a small venue, where he played new songs, that really sounded promising as well again.

I discovered him twice, first with BEN BUTLER AND MOUSEPAD, when looking for new music to put on decks, second with GAY AGAINST YOU, until I released it was basically the same, and one half was here and ready to play! so, he did, and you should go, and watch it the next time. he knows what he does, he does it well and he does it with fun, and that is fun to see. I hope he will get more known slowly, and not move away for having no money, in a city whose musical scene he currently massively enriches. joe seems to like it here though for the while and uses his hide-out to work on new albums. I do not know how he does, but he is an hyperactive kid, and he just does it, and everything he has his finger on is good! currently he released a new album under one of his other synonyms JOE GERMLIN: „trashr“. you can listen to and download the whole album for a donation here.

the new album by GAY AGAINST YOU „righteous signals, sour dudes“ (upset the rthythm records and adaadat records) is going to be released now. the title song and „wall wizards“, what I have heard so far, are so great! so stay curious for the whole album. he also produced last year an album with momus as JOEMUS, with whom he recently played in berlin. more BEN BUTLER AND MOUSEPAD gigs hopefully coming as well, the project where he lately joined with GTUK, another local act, that I discovered last year only and was quite happy about to hear his crazy grindcore nintendo, and separately from joe, but common minds sometimes get together…

listen here to the title song righteous signals, sour dudes from the up-coming album of GVSY

as BEAN BUTLER, joe had also last week been dj-ing for lazer crystal. you find his mixtapes for free download here. also check out his remixes.

all those community pages suck, but sometimes they are partly useful, and you find many free downloads by BEN and JOE and GVSY on last fm, like this one here.

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  1. 1 Cialis 07. März 2010 um 0:59 Uhr

    9pUtli Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  2. 2 Mac U. 24. Februar 2012 um 9:31 Uhr

    Hey there. Chanced upon your blog. Thanks for uploading those audio links – that’s some good stuff you’re listening to. I want to visit Berlin some day! I want to spot some geniuses! Haha!

    Mac U.

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